Kim Painter

Kim Painter

North Charleston, SC, United States

About Kim Painter

I began loving and appreciating art at an early age. I started selling small artworks in my teens and continued this sideline work for many years. I studied fine art and graphic design in college then worked almost 30 years in different aspects of corporate America. While I enjoyed most of that time, I yearned to go back to what I was meant to do - create! I've recently made the transition from continuous dabbling on the side with different mediums to total immersion, painting full time.

I like to consider myself a lifetime learner and have attended workshops and studied with artists and art teachers I greatly admire; Elizabeth Ross and Airy Knoll Art Farm, Nancy Bush, Michael Workman, Dee Beard Dean and Lyn Asselta.

In addition to popular masters work such as Monet and O'Keeffe, I admire and am influenced by Wolf Kahn, Mark Rothko, John Henry Twachtman, Birge Harrison, Frits Thaulow, George Inness and the list goes on for the many paint saints.

My medium of choice is oil, usually on canvas or linen art board. My landscape/waterscape work is classified somewhere between tonalism and impressionism. I'm beginning experimentation with abstraction using oil and cold wax.

I live in Charleston SC, one of the oldest cities in the United States. Here the history seems to float in the thick air and walk beside you at any time of day. My current focus is expressing the spiritualized naturalism I see and feel in these colorful low country lands and waterways.