Moabit Saga

Moabit Saga

Warwickshire, WARWICKSHIRE, United Kingdom

About Moabit Saga

The beauty of my anonymity is my audience is perfectly positioned to consider and be influenced by my work in the purest way possible; for his or her thoughts and feelings to be guided by his or her perspective and my work, and nothing else.

I believe that my work tells stories, which are the channel between the creator and the observer. I feel that I've been led towards creating these stories from my life experiences. I want to introduce my messages to the public, creating chemistry between the observer and the final product. I hope people will recognise my interactions with the subject matter through understanding each story I tell.


In 7th grade, I met the first teacher that had a great impact on me. Every other day I would go to her class and use different materials and mediums to experiment.

I was great at putting exact copies of things that I saw onto paper. My teacher asked me to create 20 drawings, each requiring several hours to complete. When you have video games and football to play every day, an hour is a lot of time. But I think it's natural to want to complete a task that is set in front of a person, and I was able to finish.

At that point, my teacher encouraged me to join the art school that she had applied to work for. I applied for enrolment in that high school, and after being accepted, decided to enrol. So began my professional training.

The meaningful education that I received wasn't necessarily as a result of having an advanced teacher to guide me, although that was undoubtedly beneficial, but the most important part of my education was sitting down to draw, and never coming to a point where I wanted to be done.


I am known by collectors by the debut of my dollar bill series. My works are vibrant and playful without putting the characters into a judgmental situation, unless the story had a point to make in that way. The viewer will be able to appreciate the wit and charm of these stories.


After the successful exhibit in Venice based on large canvas versions of my Refugee Series, I teamed up with Catawiki Auctions for a special SSA with some of my latest works. Known for my dollar bills, I elevated my work to the next level, incorporating 3D elements on small scale as well as bringing a deeper narrative to my work. Besides the exclusive SSA in the street-art category (The Art of Moabit - Streetwise) I will have upcoming shows in Zagreb, Los Angeles and New York.