Yvette Ten-Bohmer

Yvette Ten-Bohmer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

About Yvette Ten-Bohmer

Yvette Ten-Bohmer b 1988; Sydney Australia.

Tutor at Sydney Art Space including Life Drawing, printmaking, and experimental drawing.
Drawing was a part of me as much as walking was when I was an infant. The act of drawing to me; was an action which captured life itself within my spontanious marks and gestures. Drawing is an inquisitive expression.

My Great Grandfather noticed my talent before I was 6; He was an artist and gave me his much anticipated Masterpeice on his death bed.

I didn't know what 'Art' was. I only drew from my heart and also watched cartoons on Telle. My High School art teacher introduced the notion and concept of "Art School" to me. "WoW! I thought; does art school exist!? It does. 5 years later I completed my Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at Newcastle art school with a majority of High Distinctions.

This can't be it! I was too young; hadn't experienced anything yet! I want to learn more. My Teacher mentioned "The National Art School" to which I found my spirit drawn to this notion like a magnet. I wanted more. Sydney was this big wild planet to me, and I wanted in.

I moved to the City, got accepted half way through the Degree of Fine Arts at the National Art School with my previous acheivments. Sydney was exciting. But lonely, cold and expensive.

All in good timing though. I met amazing friends and in 2011; I Won the John Olsen prize for Life Drawing.
Now living and working in my studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

A celebration of human existance.
I explore the figure considering angles, motions, shadows, weight, line and anatomy. I pursue the limbs of the human form with distortion to alude to the energy and action rather than the true realism of the pose.

Capturing and expressing human life with gestural marks created by observation using feeling derived by visual sensation; enables a raw expressive mark entwining and forming into the figure.

Thus I pursue and celebrate the beauty of the human form al the while capturing our emotions that is conveyed through the lyrical motions throughout the body.


2012 Degree of Fine Arts (National Art School) Sydney
2010 Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts
Hunter St Campus Newcastle
2005 Cert III in Fine arts Hunter st Campus Newcastle
2004 Certificate in Sandstone Sculpture Newcastle



2016 Whyndam Art Finalist, Melbourne
2015 FECK art finalist; Melbourne
2011 Winner John Olsen Prize for Life Drawing
2005 Shortlisted for Reg Russom Prize for Life Drawing

Commissions and special mentions

2015 ”Moon bathing” Selected to be featured on saatchi art.com in the “Selected
contemporary nude collection”
Currently creating albulm cover for Los Skeletone Blues 2015 Commissioned oil on custom canvas 122cm X 122cm
2010 Commissioned to illustrate eight books within the series “Self Confidence” in total 110 images were published by copy write. Author and publisher Tony Richards www.selfconfidencebooks.com


2018 Kave Bar Solo Exhibition
2018 Saatchi Art "The other art fair,Sydney'
2017 Solo Exhibition held at Kave bar, Newport; Sydney.
2016 Exhibited amoungst finalists at Whyndam Art Prize, Melbourne
2015 solo: “Exposed” Avalon recreational centre
2015 Exhibited as finalist; Feck Art, Melbourne
2014 solo: “Jolly Beetles” Cheslea lane Art Gallery, Avalon
2013 “Meow Exclaimed Max the dog”, Madeleine Luschwitz and Myself at Avalon Recreational Centre
2012 Ink Earth, a Ceramics and Printmaking Collaboration, Library Stairwell exhibition space, National Art School
2012 ‘20X20’, A Printmaking Collaboration of work, Library Stairwell exhibition space, National Art School
2012 ‘Cockatoo Island: Drawing week’ exhibition, Building 25
2011 Exhibited as Winner of John Olsen Prize for Life Drawing in the ‘Chapel’, National Art School
2011 ‘Cockatoo Island: Drawing week’ exhibition, Building 25. National Art school 2010 ‘Resolved’ a drawing exhibition held at ‘Pod Space’ art gallery Newcastle. 2010 Advanced Diploma of Fine arts graduates exhibition. ‘Front Room Gallery’ 2009 2nd year Printmaking exhibition held at the ‘Front Room Gallery’.
2009 ‘Naked as we came’ life drawing exhibition held at the ‘Shore time’. 2009 ‘Bang Bang, Snap!’ exhibition held at ‘Front Room Gallery’
2008 1st year diploma of fine arts student exhibition
2005 Selected entries shown for the Newcastle Reg Russom drawing prize 2005 group show for cert III of fine arts students