Alessandro Nesci

Alessandro Nesci

Rome, Lazio, Italy

About Alessandro Nesci

A hard personal experience superimposed on the covid period, which changed my life forever, gave me reason to appreciate even more the strength of color, line and expression.
"The Whole goes beyond Form".
I enjoy expressing myself with different techniques: painting, drawing, photography.
I can imagine that initially the collector or the beholder of my works can be a little crowded out or confused. The hallmark of my work is not found in the repetition of the same technique, again and again, but in some features of the technique itself and. The sign, the theme, the subject... are the way you can recognize my "signature."

Living in Italy, every day I live together archeology, painting, architecture and Roman statuary, the Renaissance, the Baroque and all the other great styles, artistic periods and collections that are here, in Rome and in Italy.

This is in my history, in my roots. In the history and roots of Western art.

I have always felt a fascination for drawing since I was a child. I was fascinated by the idea of translating fantasy stories or even the first knowledge I got in school in images. I remember my notebooks: they were full of stories with drawings and illustrations of what I was learning at school.

This is the way I learned new techniques and I improved my abilities: pencil, charcoal, pen, oil-colours, acrylics, using different styles and painting supports.

I have painted soft and wavy landscapes, which sometimes are rough and separated by plains. I saw these landscapes in Rome as I was a child and they come to my mind in my every day life.

This is the Nature where History traces overlap and they get, in turn, enveloped by Nature. There is a continuous and silent conflict between these two elements.

These conflict, together with Rome and its history, its streets, its ruins and of course its colours is the leit motiv of my work.

These themes are here, at your fingertips. It's present history.

I cannot describe with words what exactly I feel when I'm surrounded by these "strong" landscapes and I try to paint them.

I have completed my knowledge on image studying and acquiring certificates on web design and commercial art and working as a graphic designer.

At the moment I work in the Public Italian School as an Art Teacher.

I took part in many collective exhibits.

My works are in private collections in Italy, Europe, Japan, USA, China, Australia.

I live in Rome and I have got a private studio in my house.

You can contact me for requests, information or commission by email:



*For the canvas and photo paper edition, the size of the images will be professionally adapted to the proportions of the support, there may be small cuts on the edges, or small edges compared to the image shown here.

Now is available a clothes collection with my art:


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2017 collective exhibition, Venice, Italy;

2015 VENICE BIENNALE INDIPENDENT - "My House" project of public art and artists by Mr. Shi Jinsong - space "Alessandro Nesci's House", Venice, Italy;

2015 CONFERENCE CENTRE OF THE FACULTY OF ENGINEERING OF TOR VERGATA UNIVERSITY, ROME, ITALY - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata in the Conference SMARTOURISM-EXPO, organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy;

2015 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING, UNIVERSITY OF ROME TOR VERGATA, set design for the musical concert of singer Rita Canino and musicians Titian Tombolato and Angelo Ercoli, Rome, Italy;

2015 Embassy of the United States of America - 60th Anniversary of the Village UNRRA CASAS, Rome, Italy

2015 Cultural Center Aldo Fabrizi - 60th Anniversary of the Village UNRRA CASAS, Rome, Italy;

2013 Exhibition Hall Museo Emilio Greco, sponsored by the European Union, MIBAC , Lazio Region, the Province of Latina , City of Sabaudia, Sabaudia (Latina) ;

2013 ' Storie Di- Segni " Artist's Book Festival , sponsored by the City of Rome, in collaboration with the Libraries of Rome and Zètema Cultural Center, Gabriella Ferri, Rome ;

2013 "The Invisible in to Visible", X International Symposium of University Professors, Protomoteca Hall , Capitol Museums, Rome ;

2013 "The Invisible in to Visible", an exhibition of contemporary sacred art, as part of the "Week of the Arts" Capital City of Rome, organized by Campus Ministry Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts Rome and the Papal Insignia Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi al Pantheon, Church of Santa Maria in Portae Paradisi, Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Rome;

2012: "Tell us about your Rome", "La Repubblica" newspaper, competition;

2012: S'offrire, an exhibition of contemporary sacred art, as part of the "Week of the Arts" Capital City of Rome, organized by Campus Ministry Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome Illustrious and the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi al Pantheon, Church of Santa Maria in Portae Paradisi, Rome ;

2011: Meetings / Comparisons, collective Atelier Courtyard, Rome ;

2011: " Drawing Connections ", Sienna Art Institute, Sienna;

2011: Collective, Municipal Gallery of Ladispoli, Rome;

2009: Competition "Shopping -Bag Art", with the work " Crocodile tears ", Galleria Vittoria, Rome;

2006: Competition "Premio Roma Centro Cultural History", Rome;

2005: Competition Graphics " Who does it expect ", Barcelona, Spain ;

2005: 1st European Competition Cartoon Art / Glenat, France;

2005: "Spirit of Wine", International Competition aimed at young cartoonists, organized by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia;

2004-2006: Teacher in Drawing and Oil Painting at the New Acropolis Cultural Association, Rome;

2004-2005: "Collective year-end", DR gallery Studio - Visual Space, Rome;

2004: " Painters on the Island" , art exhibitions on the Tiber Island , organized for the Roman Summer ;

2004: "You will learn again to be the star", poetry competition organized by the Vice-Presidency of Rome, Department of Youth;

2004: III National Painting Competition "Fondi City", promoted by the Presidency of the Council of the Lazio Region, organized by the Municipality of the Fondi;

2004: II National Art Contest "Giacomo Manzu";

2003-2004: Group shows with the art exhibition "Alternative '94" in Rome;

2003-2005: Exhibitions in the collections of the gallery "Studio DR", Rome;

2003: "The Palio of the Road", National Competition organized by the Street Festival Novara, Novara, Piedmont Region;

2003: " Zibaldone " personal exhibition at Altroquando Library, Rome;

2003 : Participation in the "European Award Art Lexmark";

2003: "Ripetta Award" organized by the Studio Gallery DR, Rome;

2002-2005 : Exhibitions in the "Colibrì" gallery's collection, Rome;