Graeme Messer

Graeme Messer

London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

About Graeme Messer

Graeme Messer is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London. UK. Drawing on a background in theatre, Graeme interweaves performance with assemblage and the written word to create an art that is direct, funny, moving, uncomfortable and unashamedly autobiographical.

Apparently static pieces are typically brought to life by the artist in theatrical interventions, to create short, powerful performances that imbue the work with new dimensions of narrative and meaning. Themes that emerge include the dark side of childhood, empowerment and disempowerment, sexuality and difference, and our universal search for love and approval.

Darkly humorous while at the same time candid and open-hearted, Graeme’s work speaks to us all.


"LOOKING GLASS" - CORNELLL ART MUSEUM - FLORIDA. Exhibition to clebrate the refurbishment of this museum with a selection of international artists -runs from October 2017 - February 2018

"WILL I EVER MAKE IT?" - a multi-disciplinary installation specially comissioned by THE OTHER ART FAIR 2017 - Victoria House.

I love this Motherf***er - solo show at The Lights of Soho, November 2016

Open Studios - The Chocolate Factory, November 2016

We R - LGBTQI Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, in association with London Pride, July 2016

Black & White - Art Society of Soho - Black and White Building, Shoreditch, June 2016

HM90 - Art Society of Soho, Black and White Building Shorditch, May 2016

The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, April 2016

Open Studio, The Chocolate Factory, London, 14-15 November 2015

The Edge of Ordinary, Espacio Gallery, London, 2-15 November 2015

The Other Art Fair, London, 15-18 October 2015

The Art of Love and How to Avoid it (solo show)The Chocolate Factory, London 2015

Memories in Black and White (solo performances), Mono Season, Espacio Gallery, 2015

The Edge of Ordinary, Espacio Gallery, London 2015

Salon14, Photofusion, London, 2014

Bedales Auction, Paddle8, Online, 2014

Past/Present, The Chocolate Factory, London, 2014

Memories, Design Room, London, 2014

Open Studio, The Chocolate Factory, London, 2013

Foyer Show, The Chocolate Factory, London, 2013

R.P. Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, 2013

Heatherleys Graduation Exhibition, Heatherleys, London, 2012

DrawMore, Morley College, London, 2011