Svetlana Isakova

Svetlana Isakova

Perm, Perm Krai, Russia

About Svetlana Isakova

I'm young independent Russian artist. I was born in Siberia.

Drawing is an integral part of my life. From early childhood I took private lessons from professional artists, then I entered the art school. And I continued to educate myself and communicate with other representatives of the arts and contemporary artists. For a long time my work was available only to a limited circle of people, but now I feel that the time has come to open it to the world.

I live in a big cities for all my life and it has a strong influence on my work. My artworks reflects these cities, their culture and vibes. People with their different lives, sometimes happy, sometimes really hard, celebrities and homeless people... I love to tell their stories through my paintings.

My inner world is reflected in my works. This is unrequited love, and a broken heart, and loyal friendship, and vivid memories. I am ready to disregard beautiful and graceful images for the sake of the living and splendid, because not everything that surrounds us is perfect, and some feelings are completely destructive.

I am inspired by artists such as David Lynch, Gerard Way, Marilyn Manson, Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, Jonna Jinton and Rene Magritte.


I graduated from art school in 2010. Since then, I have gone my own way and continue to learn new visual arts techniques and materials on my own. In 2014 I decided to explore management and business administration.

2001-2003 - Private lessons of fine art
2010 - Art School named after E. N. Shirokov, Perm
2010 - now - Self-taught. I take art history lessons at the Faculty of Design of the Higher School of Economics, as well as private lessons from contemporary artists in the field of visual arts and academic drawing.
2018 - Perm State University, Faculty of Economics
2020 - Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Informatics


2008 - Second place in the city competition "Look into Space", in the nomination "Road to the Stars".

My works have found their place in private collections in different regions of Russia.


2011 - City exhibition "My city", Perm

2019, June - Exhibition in the studio, Perm.

2020, August - Exhibition in the studio, Perm.