ivana flores

ivana flores

barcelona, barcelona, Spain

About ivana flores

Ivana Flores (Barcelona, 1974) is a whimsical artist with a diversely realistic side. This difference in perspective is also present in her work and it´s her trademark. She incorporates inmense symbolism throughout her work because she doesnt want to leave out any fragments of imagination from her enormous creative mind.
The fictional caracters in her work are based on her reality, drawing and painting are her languages. Too much fairy tale like as it may seem, they bring viewers like us into believing in this poetic magician. Her footprint is channeled through female characters of young age and eventually undergo transformations as though of that of a Lewis Carroll tale.
Throughout her life she has had an inmesurable passion for art, a primary need for human happiness. Her first steps began in the Born district of Barcelona, exhibiting at La Santa.
For Ivana art is life, it has guided her to know what she wants and how to say it. The artist speaks to us through the eys of her precious characters which stare through windows overlooking wonderlands.
The places where her art transports us is a colorful one but its also a fantastic one, filled with mythological creatures that are symbols of her vast imagination. Her delicate creatures evoke a critical attitude towards the establishments of social structure, they're children who don`t go through an aging process and surely don`t want to assume the responsibilities of a corrupted world. This is the artists imagination on canvas and paper.
website: www.ivanaflores.com
behance: http://be.net/ivanaflores
blog: www.ivanaflores.blogspot.com
instagram user : @ivanaflores.art
facebook : www.facebook.com/ivana.flores.129


independent artist


2020 B-Local -Nau Bostik- barcelona
2020 Kronos festival -Centre d’arts Santa Monica”- Barcelona
2020 “7th Annual Art Collector Starter Kit “- Corey Helford Gallery- LA California
2020 “low to pop” LORE -Penumbra gallery -Portugal
2019 “The influence of Fellini” - Corey Helford Gallery - LA -California
2019 “Urban Reality” - Base Elements gallery - Barcelona -Spain
2019 “6th Annual Art Collector Starter Kit” -Corey Helford Gallery- LA - California
2018 “Entre Pájaros y Flores” -Base Elements - Barcelona -Spain
2018 “SATURNALIA” -Fusion Gallery -Barcelona-Spain
2017 "The Power of Nature" -Flowerpeeper, pasadena- California
2017 "Wild Nights & Day Dreams" -Fusion Gallery, Barcelona-Spain
2017 "Group therapy" - Base Elements, Barcelona-Spain
2017 "Potions, Spells and Magic" -Penumbra gallery- portugal
2016 "The Coaster Show" - La Luz de Jesús , L.A.
2016 "Startrek show" -Gristle art gallery, New York
2016 "The Ultimate First Experience" - HS-LAB , Japan
2016 " Lápiz, papel o tijera " -PLASTIC MURS, spain
2015 "Welcome Home" -PLASTIC MURS, spain
2014 "ego" -WEART FESTIVAL barcelona, spain
2014 Victor Castillo & Ivana Flores duoshow "Catching butterflies with hands" - LA ATÓMICA spain
2014 "Barcelona Drawing City" -Wallrus , Paris
2013 "subversión"-WEART FESTIVAL barcelona , spain
2013 E-DIVE ( disseny HUB ) Barcelona
2012 BAD (barcelona art district) Barcelona
2012 SWAB (international art fair) barcelona
2011 SWAB (international art fair) barcelona
2002-2010 firsts group shows in barcelona -LA SANTA



2017 Glad to be Unhappy - Muxart Museum-Spain
2016 Seven Floors to Heaven -Plastic Murs -Spain
2015 The Milky Way of the Mice -The Mine- Dubai
2013 Princess & Queens -Bigote del señor Smith -Spain
2013 I wish you a good trip -convent de sant Agustí, Spain
2013 Paintings & Pinturas -Pati manning Spain