Oriol Jolonch

Oriol Jolonch

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

About Oriol Jolonch

I was born on February 23, 1973 in Barcelona and although I have realized studies of design and photography, I consider myself to be one self-taught of vocation.
My interest to give expression to invented realities comes from young, when I inherited an old airbrush from muy father and I used it to do muy firsts "works", small pictures to illustrate front pages of old cassettes and some poster that I keep with very much love in some corner of house and especially in my memory.
I always kept a direct contact with the photography, but when the digital age began, this was what seduced me definitively, and it took me inevitably to the passion for creating other worlds, others realities that seem invented but somehow or other trues.
They are basically works fruit of imagination, some of them pondered and studied in detail and with a long travel behind; others are like small flashes of clarity that I have some times and after, I try to give expression to fixed images, without any plan more that people stop a few instant in front of the image and observes it with a little more attention, and if they want, they can do some questions themselves or imagine the story that could be behind every scene interpreting the reality and inducing the spectator to confuse reality and fiction.


Individual exhibitions:

Gallery El Quadern Robat – Barcelona – 2017
Museum Can Framis – Fundació Vila Casas – Barcelona – 2015
Gallery Artifact – New York – 2015
Gallery El Quadern Robat – Barcelona – 2014
Gallery Victor Lope( Programa Talent Emergent ) – Barcelona – 2013
Gallery Mediadvanced – Gijón – 2013
Gallery Niu Espai Artistic – Barcelona – 2012
Gallery Pou d´Art – Sant Cugar – 2010

Collectives exhibitions and festivals:

Rassegna Internazionale di fotografia – Agropoli ( Italia ) – 2015
Encuentros de Arte Contemporaneo (Museo Universidad de Alicante ) – 2014
Galería Valid Foto – 2014
IX Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de Arévalo 2013
WeArt: Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo y New Media de Barcelona 2012
XIX Muestra Internacional de Fotografía Torre Luzea ( Zarautz ) – 2012
CosmoCaixa de Alcobendas ( Madrid ) – 2011
Sala de Exposiciones de San Fernando de Henares ( Madrid ) – 2011
Galería Alonso Vidal ( Barcelona ) – 2011
Zoom Gallery ( Bruselas ) – 2011
3ª Edición del Tardor Art ( Barcelona ) – 2011
Gracia Arts Project ( Barcelona ) – 2010
Galería A.Cortina ( Barcelona ) – 2010
Galería Untitled_BCN ( Barcelona ) – 2009


2016 Adore Noir, Canada
2016 Hünter – Art Magazine, Spain
2015 Fine Art Photo, Germany
2015 Photo +, South Korea
2014 In the Red, China
2013 SuperFoto,Spain
2013 AulaFoto,Spain
2012 Foto Cult, Italy
2012 Arte Fotográfico,Spain
2012 Arte y Diseño por ordenador,Spain
2011 DouxMAx, Spain
2011 La Fotografía Actual, Spain
2009 Revista cultural Iguazú, Spain


Premiado en XVIII Encuentros de Aarte Contemporáneo – Instituto Alicantino de Cultura – 2014
1º Premio de fotografía Fundació Vila Casas – 2014
3º Premio de la XI edición del Concurso de Fotografía Digital del INICO – Universidad de Salamanca – 2013
1º Premio de composición digital CREATIVE – 2012
1º Premio FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2011 – 2011
Medalla de oro en la categoria fotografía ilustrativa ( Gold Award FEP European
Professional Photographer of the year 2011 )
Accesit Caminos de Hierro – 2010
2º Premio de Arte digital Jaume Graells – 2010
Finalista II Concurso de Arte Digital Artistas por la Paz – 2009
2º Premio II Concurso Internacional de Creación Digital – 2001