Carl Yoshihara

Carl Yoshihara

San Jose, CA, United States

About Carl Yoshihara

I love a good medium rare rib-eye (edit: to many happy cow videos on Facebook. I'm turning vegetarian.), garlic mash potatoes and a nice glass of red. But I'm not having it for dinner every night. Just like my art work, I'm not gonna do the same thing every day.

I’m always exploring different types of media, styles and especially ideas to create unique works. That said I do have a certain aesthetic all my own. I put a lot of thought into my work, there is a deeper meaning and it's not all about creating eye candy.

My art is for those who appreciate originality and don't buy into what's "trending."

Life is Art

p.s. Hummus is horrible, but I love that cucumber, mint, yogurt thing.


Still and forever learning.



Courtyard Marriott New York Downtown Manhattan/World Trade Center Area. 133 Greenwich St. NYC.
New hotel opening August 2016. My works, Cascade de-Constructed (155" x 96") and Lines Cascade (57" x 91") will be a permanent installation.


Salon at the Triton. April 16 - May 29, 2016. The Triton Museum. Santa Clara, California.

Gilcrest/Saatchi Exhibit. Summer 2016. Beverly Hills, California.