Per Anders

Per Anders

Graasten, Syddanmark, Denmark

About Per Anders

“In my paintings, I try to focus on the bright side of life - not in a naïve, always happy, unconcerned kinda way, but in deliberate opposition to the fact that most media tend to focus on the misery and gloominess of it all.
To me, it’s important to put some kind of hope and optimism into my artwork, as well as into everything else I do.

I am a danish artist painting oil/acrylic paintings on canvas and art paper + watercolors.
Occasionally I publish limited edition art prints and similar art related publications as posters and cards, in a cooperation with a book printing company (Toptryk) in Denmark.
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I am living and working in Denmark and in Provence (France).
Founder and member of "Symbiose - artists - group".
Have been working with artists like Alexander Thieme, Peter Spens, Peter Reichet, Morten Lassen, Jes Mogensen, Otto Lawaetz, J.J.Thorsen, Steffen Lûttge and a lot of other well known artists.

For an artist who paints expressive, rough, abstract paintings such as myself, drawing skills are key, because they give you the advantage of knowing what you are abstracting from!”
“When I work, I’m always searching for the lyric, or even bright facets of life - and thereby, I am hoping to leave some kind of optimism behind.
Colors are good for this purpose, yellow above all. I mean, yellow is the color of the sun; the prerequisite of any talk of color in any connection.
Every home should have a large yellow painting as a backup for the sun on a cloudy day.”


I have a degree in dental surgery (DDS)
Have been studying dentistry at University of Aarhus, DK and University of Iowa Cty, USA. Have been working as both a dentist and an artist for quite a few years but about 10 years ago I skipped the work as a dentist in order to be able to concentrate my energi in 'the world of art' as a professional artist.


Galerie STILHAUS+ - Hamburg
Sutton Art Consulting - Singapore
Saatchi Art - Los Angeles


My website shows a few short videos to give you a glimpse of my art activity.

'Friends with the sun' catalog 44p

Book: 'INDTRYK der blev til kunsttryk* -140p - presenting 66 limited edition prints - each printed in high quality and in very limited numbers.


Latest show:
Galerie STILHAUS+, Hamburg, Germany

Selected shows before 2021:
Den Frie Udstillingsbygning CPH, Denmark
Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
Galerie KORN, Denmark
Galleri Deco, Denmark
Banegaarden Kunst & Kultur, Denmark
SAP , Bang & Olusen ........