Richard Glick

Richard Glick

Chicago, IL, United States

About Richard Glick

I am a designer who loves to paint. Having worked in the commercial furniture and interior design fields for decades, I believe painting and design have the same elements. Both rely on composition, shape, color, scale, texture, and balance. My paintings are the result of the same process I use to create an interior—I add and edit layers to build up visual interest and depth.


I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Ohio State University. I’ve also studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia, Italy and Cité internationale universitaire in Paris, France. While in college I did an independent study in New York City where I painted and worked at B. Altman as an accessories buyer. I had my first gallery showing in Columbus while in college. My paintings are in Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, Paris and New York City.