Sean Alexander

Sean Alexander

Bath, Bath & North East Somerset, United Kingdom

About Sean Alexander

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Apart Winter Show, London, November 2014
Apart Summer Show, London, April 2014
Bonhams Urban Art, London, April 2013
Apart Winter Show, London, December 2012
The Apartment, London, June 2012
Bonhams Urban Art, London, March 2012
Apart Summer Show, London, June 2011
Bonhams Urban Art, London, Jan 2011
10 Years Apart, London, May 2010
Heroic Theory, Solo Show, London, Feb 2010
LA Art Show, Los Angeles, Jan 2010
London Art Fair, London, Jan 2010
Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Nov 2009
Art London, London, Oct 2009
20/21 British Art Fair, London, Sep 2009
Affordable Art Fair, Paris, Jun 2009
Affordable Art Fair, New York, May 2009
Affordable Art Fair, London, Apr 2009
Nokia Yamake Art Project, London, Nov 2008
Love Will Bring Us Apart Again, Las Vegas, Oct 2008
Love Will Bring Us Apart Again, London, May 2008
London Calling, LA, Mar 2008
Love Will Bring Us Apart Again, LA, Feb 2008
Apart, London 2001 - 2008, Permanent Exhibitor
Cosh, London 2006 - 2008, Permanent Exhibitor
Bals helmet show, Tokyo 2007
Marambat Camper Art Auction, Toulouse 2007
Open Studios, London, Dec 2007
‘That’s All Folks’, Cosh, London, Oct 2007
Cosh, London, Winner ‘Iconic’ Show, Dec 2006
'Inspired', Group skateboard show, London 2005
Riverside Quarter Group Show, London, 2005
Lowe Group, Knightsbridge, London, 2003
Open Studios, London, Dec 2002
Le Salon Group Show, London, Jan 2001
'Animal Magic', Clapham Art Gallery, London, Dec 2000
Open Studios, London Dec 2000