Ultrapulp Frederic Matuszek

Ultrapulp Frederic Matuszek

Paris, France

About Ultrapulp Frederic Matuszek

Tell a story that is yours. Ultrapulp studio was founded to offer direct access to the art of design and its capacity to transform, bring joy and provoke thought.


Frederic Matuszek is a designer, art director who lives and works in Paris. After having studied design, his professional activities focus on architecture, home interior, color design, object design, then mainly on graphic design, visual communication and interaction design. Next to his practice he worked on interactive projects such as the graphic piano dedicated to new media poetics.

After a decade working as chief creative officer, he established the Ultrapulp studio to explore and spread the influence of graphic arts, as a chance to focus on the question of art emancipated from his function of being only decorative.