Boris Andreas Duhm

Boris Andreas Duhm

Stuer Vorwerk, Mecklenburg, Germany

About Boris Andreas Duhm

Boris Duhm is born 1971 in Aachen, Germany.
He lives and works in Germany

Artist Statement
Boris Duhms works deal with a visualisation of the mental state of our societies, the contemporary conditio humana. When a situation becomes an image it can become symbolic and gain a political and social dimension.
Already in 2007 the philosopher Jean Baudrillard pointed out a change of human perception: reality is percepted as something irrational, vice versa fiction is taken as fact.
Boris Duhm ́s analogue photo-stagings, sculptures, paintings, drawings, performances and collages are a journey into this interspace of reality and perception. The figures, which are represented on images or three-dimensional in the exhibition- or in public-space, reveal their nature primal to a closer look. They seem to merge into the environment they move in. Often the fictional places on Boris´ photographs are located in nature, which change into stages on the purely analogue photographs by the existentialistic artist. Here the human drama is performed. Duhm succeeds in transforming the real place into a collective place of memory, where everybody can find oneself in pictures of memory of his own life.
The disguised figures populating these places are not themselves but have fulfilled a metamorphosis. They reside in an as-well-as, in a condition of refraction. In "Self as Fern" for example, the artist goes far beyond masquerade: in a mimetic gesture the artist really transforms into a primeval plant.
Especially in his latest works, the radicalness of Boris Duhm ́s artist position shows a clear political and social concern and tries to get to the bottom of the authenticity of photographic imprints themselves.
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Boris´ artworks are represented internationally by galleries, collections, museums and privat collectors.
Boris Duhm has been working as teacher for fine art and photography at various universities and art schools in Europe and Asia.
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2002 MFA Master of Fine Arts / Photography (200P).
2000-02 Master-Program at the University for Photography and Film Göteborg, Sweden.
2000 Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication and Fine Art.
1996-00 University of Fine Arts Hamburg, Germany: Studies Fine Art and Visual Communication.
1993-96 Education as professional photographer at Fotostudio Grothmann in Westerstede, Ostfriesland, Germany.
1991-93 Studium Generale ( Fine Art, music, geography, psychology and pedagogy) at the Karl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany.


May - October 2021
Our own privat Summer - Gallery "Sommergalerie Burg 32 for International Art" opens its doors and stays opened every day during the whole summer untill end of October 2021. On show: more than 150 fresh and original works in graphics, analogue photographs, collages, monotypes and linotypes / woodprints/ aquatints for extremely small money.
Come and visit us! Due to Covid 19 regulations, we can accept visitors only after registration. Therefore ring 0049 - (0)1577 - 7181557.
Here you find us: Gallery Burg 32: Burgweg 32 in 17209 Stuer Vorwerk, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germnay. We are opened every day!

Permanent Works in Public Space

2012 * „Walden V“ installation of a wooden tower Holzturmes (450 x 150 x 150cm) with upside down crucified figure ( 250 x 150 x 70cm) of
wood and scotch tape ( painted) at the beach of Steinbeck ( Boltenhagen, Baltic Sea). Destroyed by vandalism.
2011 * „Walden-Cabin III“, Krossener Str. 28, a wooden cabin for homeless people on a flower bed. Opening with performance and exhibition in the cabin.
2008 * „Man Muß Unbedeutender Werden“ (Hommage to Ingeborg Bachmann). Wall- and ceiling painting with collage on 72 sqm at Kulturbrauerei, Knaakstraße, Berlin.

Curatorial Activities

2012 * Arthall m3, Mengerzeile 1-3, 12435 Berlin. 98 Berlin artists.
* Artist Salon MURID BOSH: „1000 Meisterwerke & Neue Duelle“. Krossener Str. 28, 10245 Berlin. 59 Berlin artists.
2010 * Gallery BERBER 1, Berlin: „Höhlengleichnis für Witwen und Jungfrauen“.
* Gallery BERBER 1, Bergener Str. 1, Berlin: „Golanmausi – Analogismus“. 12 Berlin positiones in analogue photography.
* Gallery BERBER 1, Berlin: „Neosakral – Saalkrone“. 9 artists.
2004 * Townhall Gallery Nykarleby, Finland: „Traumlage“ ( Dream site). With students of the department of fine arts of the art school Nykarleby Politechnika, Finland.


Solo Exhibitions ( selection)

2021: * Opening of Sommergalerie Burg 32 für Internationale Kunst. Burgweg 32, D - 17209 Stuer Vorwerk, Germany.
2020 * Art & Me Gallery, Eötvös utca 27, Hu 1067 Budapest, Hungary
2019: * Museumsfabrik Pritzwalk, Meyenburger Tor 4, 16928 Pritzwalk, Germany
* Gallery Burg 32 for International Art. LIMBUS
* Sonderausstellung at Fotografische Sammlung ( Photographic collection) Schloss Kummerow / Mecklenburg, Germany
2018: * Gallery Müritz Sparkasse / main office in Waren, Germany
* Gallery Müritz Sparkasse / agency in Röbel, Germnay
* Gallery Burg 32 for International Art. Zerrbilder für Waldbewohner ( Distortions for Forest-Inhabitants)
2017: * Gallery Burg 32 for International Art. Das Monster
2013: * Gallery Rotiro, Berlin „DIE BLASE“
* Gallery Kreuzberg Pavillon, Naunystrasse. 53, 10999 Berlin
* Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Schleiermacherstrasse 31, 10961 Berlin
2012 * Godot Galeria, Bartók Béla út. 11, 1114 Budapest
* Kunstverein Lübeck Defacto Art, Balauerfohr 31-33, 23552 Lübeck
2011 * Gallery Kreuzberg Pavillon (Skalitzer 140 Temporary). Pflügerstr.70, 12047 Berlin
* Gallerie ZeroZero, Adalbertstrasse, 10999 Berlin
2010 * Gallery Berber 1, Bergener Str. 1, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
* Gallery Freispiel Brandshof, Harbour City, Hamburg
2009 * Godot Galeria, Budapest „Greetings from Space“
2004 * Arthall Vaasa, Finland: „Freeze Plates“
2004 * Gallery Cosmopolitan, Göteburg, Sweden
2002 * Gallery Une Galette dans l´Art, Paris

Art Fairs

2012 * Kassel Documenta XIII. Kreuzberg Pavillon Kassel
2009 * Berliner Liste
2007 * Berliner Kunstsalon

Group Exhibitions ( 2002 – 2021 selection)

2020: * Licht. Werk. Neubrandenburg. in RWN Halle 12, Nonnehofer Strasse 19 ( postponed)
2019: * Museumsfabrik Pritzwalk, Meyenburger Tor 4, 16928 Pritzwalk, Germany
* Gallery Burg 32 for International Art. Contemporary Romanian Painting. 52 romanian, moldavian, chinese and german artists.
* ABC Art Gallery, Genova / Italy

2017: * Galerie Vierraumladen, Berlin
* Künstlerhaus Alte Feuerwache, Gotthunskamp 11, 17207 Röbel, Germany
2014: * City-hall Gallery, Kyrkogatan 4, 66900 Nykarleby, Finland.
* Raum für Kunst, Lobeckstr. 30 - 35, Berlin
2013: *Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastr. 52, Berlin
* Kreuzberg Pavillon, Naunynstr. 53, 10999 Berlin
* Ressort Gallery, Invalidenstrasse 51, 10557 Berlin
* Morgenstern Gallery, Budapester Straße 14, 10787 Berlin
2012 * Funkhaus Berlin, Artists´ open studios
* Defacto Art Gallery, Balauerfohr 31-33, 23552 Lübeck. Night of open
museums Lübeck, Germany
* Gallerie Rotiro, Skalitzer Straße 58, Berlin-Kreuzberg
* Gallery KH, House of Culture Karlshorst, Berlin: „Ein Ort irgendwo“.
2011 * „Swimming Sculpture Park" at lake Weissensee, Berlin
* Sziget-Festival in Budapest: „Walden Cabin ( Church version for
* Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Schleiermacherstr., Berlin: „Urlaub in Berlin".
* Arthall at Hamburger Platz, Berlin "Based in Berlin"
* Arthall m3 at Künstlerhaus Mengerzeile, Berlin: "800 Meter freier
Fall – Gott würfelt nicht"
2010 * Gallery Im Turm, Mainz: „Mainzer Kunstpreis"
* Gallery Im Regierungsviertel, Boppstraße, Berlin: „Blind Date".
* Villa Elisabeth, Elisabethstr., Berlin
* Gallery BERBER 1, Bergener Str. 1, Berlin: „Neosakral – Saalkrone“
2009 * ACUD Gallery, Berlin
* Godot Galeria, Budapest: „Faces of Godot"
* Arthall Darmstadt. Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie. „Greetings from Space“
2008 * Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Mariannenplatz, Berlin
* Gallery In der Stadtscheune, Otterndorf
* Gallery Citycenter, Berlin
2007 * Gallery Fotoshop, Berlin
* Gallery MeinBlau, Pfefferberg, Berlin
2006 * Gallery Blütenweiss, Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin
2005 * Hägerstens Kulturcentrum, Stockholm