Dace Strausa

Dace Strausa

Sannainen, Uusimaa, Finland

About Dace Strausa

Painting is a language, too. A painting represents a whole story. An image speaks the language of feelings and emotions.
Just like a writer, say, when telling a story, triggers completely different impressions in various people, an artist, too, speaks through the image he creates, not pondering extensively upon what he wants to express in his painting, and often even cannot put his sensations in words. After all, that is the job of professional art critics, who, if you’re lucky enough, can translate the image into words.
I suppose, in my paintings and also in photographs, I am telling about the freedom of spirit, about nature, the humankind and people as such, even if no people can be seen in the picture. My wish is that people can start remembering and understanding the interdependence with nature, that they stop trying to subordinate it in every possible way, but rather remember that they are a part of the whole system.
A horse — created by nature and improved by the people — is endowed with a magic force of attraction that a large part of the humankind cannot withstand. Myself among them. This is why I am speaking in my paintings through this creature.
Open for commissions.


This is about horses and art. After graduating from secondary school and finding myself in a situation, when the only road leads eastwards (I lived in Latvia, which back then was a part of the USSR and it was nearly impossible to get out of the country), I decided to be practical and master the horse-breeder profession at the Moscow University of Agriculture. Later on, upon realizing that horse-breeding requires many such qualities, which I did not have, I studied art in pre-degree courses at the Art Academy of Latvia and with masters of art and photography. My main objects in paintings and photography are, of course, horses, which after in-depth studies at university and in practical life, I know down to the minutest detail.


2003 - Germany, Marl
2004 - Latvia, hall of the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia
2005 - Latvia, hall of the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia
2006 - Lithuania, Joniskis "Audruvis" (all paintings sold)
2009 - Latvia, Riga Open Air Etnographic museum of Latvia (photography)
2011 - Finland, Porvoo, opening exhibition of studio-gallery "Hevosstudio"
2012 - Latvia, Riga gallery Ramis
2012 - Finland, Sippo gallery of the Sippo library
2013 - Finland, Porvoo gallery Makasiinipuoti
2014 -Germany, Bavaria, Gut Ising (all paintings sold)
2015 - Finland, Porvoo gallery Makasiinipuoti (paintings, photographs)
2015 - Latvia, Riga exhibition of photographs during Riga festival
2015 - Finland, Kirkkonummi art cafe Kleopatra
2015 - Finland, group travelling exhibition
2016 - Finland, Espoo gallery Espoonsilta (paintings, drawings, photographs)
2016 -Finland, Kirkkonummi art cafe Kleopatra
2017 - Estonia, Tallinn