Max Gimson

Max Gimson

Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom

About Max Gimson

Born in Bath 1990, currently live and work in Bath.


Brighton University, BA Fine Art Painting, 2009-2012
Royal College of Art, MA Painting, 2017-2019


Group Shows 
. “SHOW”, Royal College of Art Degree Show, Battersea, London.
. “Hide-And-Seek”, The Fitzrovia Gallery, London.
. “Abracadabra”, Assembly House, Leeds.
. “Crossroad”, Hoxton 253 Project Space, London.
. “Meshes Of The Afternoon”, Courtyard Gallery 1, Royal College of Art, London.
. “COLLEGE”, House of Vans, London.
. “The Ghosts Are In The House”, Chopping Block Gallery, London.
. “Work in Progress”, Royal College of Art, London.
. "Painting[Now]", Studio One Gallery, Wandsworth, London.
. ""Throw Yourself In Next Time And Rid Us Of Your Stupidity." By Max Gimson With Films By Lydia Cohen, Chris King, MAMA, Figs In Wigs, Luke Nash, Heidi Smith", Terminus House, Brighton. 
. "From Here and There". Elysium Gallery, Swansea & Clara Hatton Gallery, Colorado. 
. "An American In Paris", Now And Again Gallery, Brighton.
. "Max Gimson & Alex Bowen (Work Programme 48)", Community Arts Centre, Brighton. 
. "Things You Don't Do, Things You Do Do", Bath Spa University, Bath. 
. "Apollinaire LXVII", Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton. 
. "Sluice Art Fair" with Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Bermondsey, London. 
. "Mingles Calypsus/ Mungles Corpus", Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton.
. "'Now You See It, Now You Don't' Curated By Karl Bielik", Terrace Studios and Gallery, London.
. "Art on Paper", Galerie d'YS, Brussels, Belgium. 
. "WORK PROGRAMME DELUXE", Community Arts Centre, Brighton. 
. "Speak, Clown! **** Part Four" FOLD gallery, London.
. "Discernible" Zeitgeist Arts Projects, Bond House, London. 
. "Work Program IV Max Gimson & Sophie Dickson" , Community Art Centre, Brighton. 
. "'****' Part Two", Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton.
. "Playing In Pools", Organhaus, Chongqing, China.
. "BA(Hons) Degree Show", Brighton University.
. "Konst" Blank Gallery, Brighton.
. "Call for Paintings", Grey Area Gallery, Brighton.
. "Contra-Invention", Marburae Art Gallery, Macclesfield.
. "Heptalogy", Brighton Media Centre, Brighton.
. "Grammar, Nonsense and Imagination" 2nd year show, Grand Parade Gallery, Brighton University.
. "Drinky Arty Clubby", Grey Area Gallery, Brighton.
. "An Exchange", Blank Gallery, Brighton.

Solo Shows
."Wild Muffins {The Lancing Shed II}", The Glorious Art House, Exeter.
."The Lancing Shed", Gallery Lock-In, Brighton. 
. "Max Gimson & Anne Kellens", Galerie d'YS, Brussels. 
. ""With Friends For The Making Of Memories..." By Max Gimson", Terminus House, Brighton.
. ""It Was My Birthday, Friends. Happy Birthday." By Max Gimson", Terminus House, Brighton.
. "Max Gimson", Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton. 
. "New Animals", Brighton Media Centre, Brighton.  
. Max Gimson (Work Programme 44), Community Arts Centre, Brighton. 
. "Susan" Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton. 
. "Max Gimson Represented by Mungles Corpsus" Mingles Calypsus, Brighton.
. "Occupant Number 8, Max Gimson" Grey Area Gallery, Brighton.