Toby Short

Toby Short

Athens, Greece

About Toby Short

my name is Toby Short, I undertake commissioned public art, design furniture and create figurative sculptures.

I am interested in the space in-between things. In that which defies our immediate perception. My work concerns the discovery of something integral to us all but which is hard to grasp. I am particularly fascinated in the way we view the world via the machines we have created, In the way that computers portray life. The development of this idea I call ‘fractal mentality’. ‘fractal mentality’ can be seen in some sculptures below.


I studied at St Martin’s and Camberwell schools of Art in London before working as a professional sculptor for films, theatre and television both in the UK and Greece where my practice continues to operate. My own artwork includes installation and design, social sculpture and performance working with a wide-range of elements often found objects, recycled polystyrene, card and machinery, sometimes it is kinetic and interactive such as ‘industrial Syros’ and ‘earthnet’, sometimes socially interactive ‘Ecoaesthetic Comm(un)ercial’.


I have participated in the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens ‘Expanded Ecologies during a time of Emergency’ (2009), ‘Where is the Art?’, ReMapKm parallel projectsto Athens Biennial 1 (2007). I took part in ‘No Country for Young Men: Contemporary Greek Art in Times of Crisis’ at Bozar Palais des beaux-arts Brussels (2014).
Recent commissions include ‘Otrera’ the Amazon warrior queen, Hotel Zena, Washington DC (2020) and ‘Industrial Syros’ a trio of large installations for the Peiraki Centre Syros –with interactive kinetic element (2015) . Other commissions include ‘critical resonance’ a large stainless steel installation of a ship’s hull for the offices of Liquimar shipping Athens Greece (2001) and interactive kinetic light installation ‘earthnet’ at the Magna Science Adventure centre in Rotherham, Sheffield (2001).