Robert Vanderhorst

Robert Vanderhorst

Toronto, ON, Canada

About Robert Vanderhorst

Surrealist Painter

Exact prices available upon request - contact the artist:

The paintings of Robert Vanderhorst envision a world where psychological, social and material processes are intimately entwined. While figurative, his work typically rejects static pictorial spaces and linear narratives. Instead, a cumulative, serial or recombinant approach is evident in much of his work. The resulting imagery is alternately familiar and estranged, direct and mediated, traditional and unconventional. At play are subjects that are suspended in an imaginary environment that creates an implicit tension in the painting. Vanderhorst's environments are both transformative and in the process of transformation "” perpetually perched on the edge of becoming something else.


All works have been SOLD unless indicated. Prices range from $25,000 to $110,000. Contact the artist through the Two Artists website.


Museum collections
National Aviation Museum, Ottawa, Canada

Museum of History/Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington DC