Arkadiusz Świderski

Arkadiusz Świderski

Warsaw, Poland

About Arkadiusz Świderski

Painting is my choice and expression of myself. Conscious presence between reality and my dreams. Constant life trembling without anesthesia, my emotion above human abyss of doubts. It’s also a hope and expectation that on the other side there is a path with no return with magic and the air.
I became painter of my internal needs and started painted for myself and my first works I exhibited at 2014. Since that I participated in several international and domestic openings and painting exhibitions. My paintings are oil and acrylic but I’m also still searching for my own techniques.


I graduated Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, blues fan and proven Friend. I’m also a Founder of PROJECT ART – where we promoting Art at the places hard to reach for audience and public.


2016 individual exhibition “no luggage no habits”, Budapest, Hungary
2016 individual exhibition “View”, Magazine of Culture, Cracow, Poland
2015 individual exhibition “Tint” Forum Synagoga, Ostrów Wlkp., Poland
2015 Individual exhibition “Tint” Galery No 33, Ostrów Wlkp., Poland
2014 Individual exhibition "all I have", Wierzbica, Poland
2011 Individual exhibition "I am", Warsaw, Poland

2020 Abstract filter, Lublin, Poland
2019 Blue, Gdynia, Poland
2019 Exhibition with Janusz, Łomianki, Poland
2019 Geometrically and more, Lublin, Poland
2019 Awakening, Marchand Gallery, Białystok, PL
2019 Open area, WOAK Gallery, Białystok, PL
2019 X Art Fresh Festival, Sheraton Warsaw
2018 Pictures speak, Lublin, Poland
2018 Art is sacred, Łomianki, Poland
2018 VII International Review Alternatives33, Ostrów Wlkp., PL
2018 Floor full of art, Lublin, Poland
2018 Unity of ART, Łódź
2018 II review of contemporary art "New Avant-garde", Katowice, Poland
2017 Complexity first, Cracow, Poland
2017 VI International Review Alternatives33, Ostrów Wlkp., PL
2017 Season for Art, Warsaw, Poland
2017 Visions, Muzeum, Krasnystaw, Poland
2017 Świderska/Świderski, Nowy Dwór Maz., PL
2017 Views on art, Warsaw, Poland
2017 4Vision Festival, Wierzbica, Poland
2017 Weightlessness, Poznań, Poland
2017 Wild aesthetics, Magazine of Culture, Cracow, Poland
2016 Exhibition with dancers, Łódź, Poland
2016 Art looks at you, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Your sumato, Białystok, Poland
2016 3 Vision Festival, Wierzbica, Poland
2016 Cracow-Warsaw-Points View, Krakow, PL
2016 Garden of Imagination, Łódź, Poland
2016 Open space, Białystok, Poland
2016 International group exhibition "Colours without borders” Project ART Gallery,Łódź, Poland
2015 International group exhibition Alternatives33 Ostrów Wlkp., Poland
2015 Wave, X edition, Koszalin, Poland
2015 group exhibition "Project Art", Łódź, Poland
2015 2 Vision Festival, Wierzbica, Poland
2015 Meeting in reality, Koszalin, Poland
2015 Inside yourself, OKO Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2014 international group exhibition Alternatives33, Ostrów Wlkp., Poland
2014 Wave", IX edition, Koszalin, Poland
2014 international group exhibition "meeting in Warsaw", Poland
2014 Abstract 2014, ZDAP Gallery, Warsaw, PL