Deborah Harding

Deborah Harding

Woodbridge, United Kingdom

About Deborah Harding

I have an artwork space amongst other artists at the Butley Mills Studios, rural and inspirational, beside the reed beds of the Butley Creek, Suffolk.
******My main joy is working with artisanal mouthblown glass and 'light'. Currently I'm exploring its use with rusty wire! I also work with photography, paper, book arts and the written word, and built sculpture in natural or recycled materials.
******For my 'Glass and Light' series, I am revisiting earlier work, particularly of 'Sculpture by the Sea' 2013/14. I question the personal and wider meaning in each artwork.
*****My photography, 'Real/Unreal' series, 'Dynamic Earth' series, 'Opus Magnum' series, is about world beaches visited, their visual 'outer' landscapes, and their 'inner' microscopic awe-inspiring sand grains; it is about ways of perceiving; large to small, outer to inner, inner to outer. For me it is about a spiritual aesthetic found in the natural world; about stories to be told, some sort of alchemy.
******This work began during a 6 month Artist Residency in Australia at the Fremantle Arts Centre. I have English and Western Australian heritage. I was led to explore the deeply held early childhood sensory memories of sand on the river foreshore and ocean beaches. I collected different Western Australian beach sands, and worked with them under a microscope.
******I have been a visual artist for the last 20+ years, following working in nursing and health, psychology and research, as a specialist bookseller, and rural smallholder planting a forest garden. All has been and is part of my 'journey'.
******My art is a life journey and speaks of fundamental human experiences, emotions, and ideas. The process of my artwork helps me discover 'who I am', how the 'world' and I inter-relate, what is happening in me and around me; an ever growing, more conscious understanding. Through images and words that begin as unconscious responses, initially intangible, it is their gradual realisation on paper, screen, or making in a solid medium that creates personal awareness. In turn, my work is for other people.
*******As an artist, I hope that my work stirs questions for others and gently widens perspectives and sensibilities; that through my work I am doing something which is meaningful for others the wider world.
*******Please note:
My photographic and 2D artwork is available to buy here as open edition prints on photo paper at small size. This creates the opportunity for the buyer of an individually chosen portfolio collection of my work. Please contact me via my Instagram if you have queries.


2009 Environmental growing, short course on Forest Gardens, Agroforestry Trust, Devon UK
2008 Foundation Degree in Fine Art. Hereford College of Arts, University of Wales
2005 Portfolio Course (foundation course for mature students), Hereford College of Arts, UK
2003 Glass Art 1 yr course, at The International Glass Centre, West Midlands, UK
1990's Design, materials, courses in sustainable building and renewable energy CAT Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales
1990 BSc Hons. Psychology, University of London, UK
1982 Registered Nurse (child and adolescent), London, UK

Throughout the years, attendance at Jungian seminars and webinars.


Feb 2016 - Artist Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, Toronto, Canada
Aug15 - Jan16 Artist Residency at Fremantle Arts Centre, Australia
2013 & 2014 Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney and Cottesloe Perth, Artists workshops with schools programme
2009-2016 - Forest garden/ orchard design and planting, wildflower meadow management, building green oak sustainable studio/ smallholding shed
Nov 2004 - Santa Fe Art Institute and ‘Outside-In Productions’, New Mexico, US. Visiting artist on 1 month project with ‘at-risk’ teens
2004 - John Corkill Prize, the Worshipful Company of Glaziers National Stevens Competition, UK


upcoming June 12/13 2021 Suffolk, UK, Grundisburgh House Gallery with Butley Mills Studios group
online April 2021, Contemporary Glass Society 'FLORA' exhibition
2018 'Real / Unreal', Bath Photography Festival, at Fringe Arts Bath, UK
2016 'SPECTRUM', Ark Centre, Basingstoke, UK
2015 'Darkness and Light', Love and Death @ Walcot Chapel, Fringe Arts Bath, UK
2014 'Ocean Cathedral', International Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2014, Perth Australia
2013 'Ocean Cathedral', International Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013, Sydney Australia
2013 'Resonance', Ark Centre, Basingstoke, UK