Edward Chao

Edward Chao

Chicago, IL, United States

About Edward Chao

Edward Chao is a Taiwanese Canadian artist based in Chicago, recently graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) with emphasis on photography and film/video. He has always been intrigued by architecture since childhood, reading books and collecting newspaper articles on the world-breaking height of skyscrapers. Being naturally drawn to lines and geometrical patterns, his fascination for architectural photography began to increase. He became highly impacted by the deadpan concept; an objective, detached, and technically masterful style of photography that is rich in visual information. His work often incorporates the history of architecture and design philosophies as concepts, while striving for a minimalistic and monochromatic aesthetic.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago


BFA Thesis

The Other Art Fair-Chicago

Imaging Mass & Space: Architectural Photography