Astrid Esslinger

Astrid Esslinger

Linz, Danube, Austria

About Astrid Esslinger

Astrid Esslinger scrutinizes cultural and social-political themes in her works.

The paintings circulate formally between abstraction and figuration, process and object, consolidation and reduction, as well as between the visible and the non-visible.
Beginning with the formal gesture of the concrete brush- stroke, the artist creates portraits and scenes that, in different contexts, accommodate the narrative. The abstraction of painting, which experienced its most consistent realization with the suprematist “Black Square on a White Background” (1915) by Kazimir Malevich, is Esslinger’s point of departure in representing the figurative in her painting.
Esslinger paints with acrylic on canvas, usually working on several pictures at the same time.

Her Cut Outs are the direct product of her working visits in metropolitan regions like São Paulo, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles and Teheran. She collects cardboard boxes on site, picks out the ones that are suitable, and works with the texts, barcodes and logos found on them.
Esslinger makes use of graphical strategies for an artistic analysis of global power relations. Her appropriation of logos and pictograms reflects geo-political identity constructions with artistic means, and ironically and critically relates the human figure to the codes of transnational financial and trade societies.


Fina Esslinger
Paintings / Cut Outs.
Werkauswahl – Selected Works 2003–2013
Ambra Wien 2014

Catalogue of works (selected) by Astrid Esslinger ␣ Essays by Fina Esslinger, Birgit Rinagl, and Tom Waibel, and interviews with the artist ␣ Richly illustrated

The Austrian artist Astrid Esslinger presents a compilation of her work from 2003 to the present day with this volume. She has worked as a freelance artist since 1987. Until then she participated in artistic projects of the Linz artist collective Stadtwerkstatt. Her work can be divided into three parallel phases: her early pieces with textile materials and her later paintings with acrylic colors on canvas as well as pieces using an original technique developed for her work while on journeys, cut outs.

224 pp., 175 fig.
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Date of publication June 2014 Languages German, English


Astrid Esslinger works in Linz, AT.

She studied Communication and Art History at the University of Salzburg. 1981 and 83 she was on a research scholarship in the USA exploring American Indian culture in terms of communication and perception. Parallel she was active in the artists collective Stadtwerkstatt and was involved in the conception and editing of artistic projects. After the birth of her daughter she moved to the country and established the Isolation Tank Studio for textile works and drawings. She works as a free-lance-artist since 1987; her works are shown and collected in Europe, the USA and Brasil.



Acervo a Vist, Xiclet_Galeria, São Paulo (participation)
10th Anniversery, flat 1, Wien AT (participation)
glut 8, Hofkabinett, Linz AT (participation)
Hinterglas, Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz AT (participation)
Rheinresidency Basel CH
Match Point, dieKunstsammlung, Linz AT (participation)Vom Globalen zu irgeneinem Dorf, iersid_artclub, Hadres AT
Vice Versa, Aktionsraum LinKz, Linz AT (participation)
ZWEIMAL 6 Jubiläumsausstellung, Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim AT (participation)
Linzer Kunstsalon, Landesgalerie, Linz AT (participation)
KeinKopfMensch, Kunsthaus Deutschvilla, Strobl AT (participation)
Stilkonsil, Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz AT (with Doris Walaschek)
Zusammen, Galerie Hofkabinett, Linz AT (participation)

Demontage, Werkstadt Graz, Graz AT (participation)
Buchstabenfest, Zollamt Bad Radkersburg AT (participatiom)
Transit II, Schlossmuseum Freistadt AT
In Serie, Galerie Hofkabinett, Linz AT (participation)
Transit, Werkstadt Graz. Graz AT
Tonkell, 44er Galerie, Leonding AT (with Anna Rafetseder)
Strichcodesklaven, Galerie Grazy, Graz AT
Residency at Egon Schiele Art Center Cesky Krumlov

This Painting is You, Kunsthaus Deutschvilla, Strobl AT (participation)
Transfer, Galerie Hofkabinett Linz AT

Handapparat der Neugierde, IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna (Participation)
5x5.3, Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz (participation)
"Freudenhaus", Stiftervilla Kirchschlag (participation)
Next Comic, OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz (participation)
Artist-in-Residency Bangkok

World Cut, 18thStreetArtsCenter, St. Monica (with Heide Pichler)
Artist-in-Residency St. Monica LA
"Artist at Work", Landesgalerie im Musiktheater, Linz
"Schrift im Bild", Kunsthaus Deutschvilla, Strobl (participation)
"Come Rain or Come Shine", Gallery 128, NYC (participation)
Fridge Art Fair, NYC (participation)
"Acervo a Vista", Casa da Xiclet, São Paulo (participation)

"On Bord", Galerie Hofkabinett, Linz
"Reloaded", Galerie Ruprecht, Obermühl
Fridge Art Fair, Miami (participation)
"El Verano", Gallery 128, NYC
"Export, Import…", Salzamt Linz
Artist-in-Residency Berlin