Izabella Hornung

Izabella Hornung

London, London, United Kingdom

About Izabella Hornung

Izabella's paintings speak for themselves. What they say she leaves to the viewer to decide. However, their colour and vibrancy evoke both dreams and reality that dance between humour and sadness. She has been painting since she was a teenager and drawing since childhood.

Izabella has always been interested in human body shapes and behaviour, as well as our relationships to each other and to nature. When feelings form in her mind, she turns them into characters or images, that can be put into paintings and drawings. That way she can create her own universe, her own little world, with no limits to colour, shape or pattern, where the impossible combines freely with the possible of everyday life and new perspectives are born.

Her art has been sold all over the world and she wants it to be seen by as many people as possible.
E-mail: cranberies@freemail.hu


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2019-April London U.K Framers Gallery
2018December London U.K F. G
2018-May London U.K F. G
2017-September -London U.K
2017 March-London , U.K
2016 June London U.K
2015 October London,U.K
2015 May Whitworth Gallery Manchester U.K
Group Exhibition

2014 November-December Christmas Group Exhibition London U.K

2013 March London, U.K
Many Paths Group Art Show