Michal Zahornacky

Michal Zahornacky

Považská Bystrica, Slovakia, Slovakia

About Michal Zahornacky

Michal Zahornacky is professional fine art photographer from Slovakia.
The main role in his photography plays the human. He mainly focuses on fine-art and conceptual portraits.

In his newest series CURVES, he displays other, original look of portraits. CURVES breaks the stereotype and is a protest to society’s pressure to achieve beauty and perfection. Water ripples and movements lead to bending - distortion, which creates an nonperfect image of man by breaking up the symetry. Water acts as an element of chance.

2019 2nd place winner FAPA, professional category: Abstract
2018,2017,2016 Nominee, FAPA, category: Fine Art, Conceptual, Fashion, Portrait
2017 Honorable Mention, IPA, category: FineArt Portrait
2017 Top 10 FEP Awards, category: Illustrative photography


2018 SOLO exhibition, Project Chymeros, Pov. Bystrica, Slovakia

2018 International Photo Expo, Ethereal, Paris, France

2018 Collective Exhibition APFSR, Tatranská galéria v Poprade, Slovakia

2017 Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2017 SOLO Exhibition, Poems Project, Kino Mier Považská Bystrica, Slovakia

2017 SOLO exhibition, Považská Knižnica, Slovakia

2016 11th Yixian Photo Festival, Yixian, China

2016 SOLO Exhibition, PRO.laika Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2016 APFSR, Presov, Slovakia

2016 Collective Exhibition, TSK, Trenčín, Slovakia

2015 Cooltajner, Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia

2014 Dream Wernisaż Energicznej Powarsztatowej, Bełchatow, Poland