Nicolai Ostapenco

Nicolai Ostapenco

Chisinau, Moldova

About Nicolai Ostapenco

I was born in Ukraine, living in Moldova.сл.I work on the method of " the Associative analysis "


,A Review of Nikifor Swiristukhin’s Paintings
by Antonia De Meo
30 September 2008

A friend introduced me to Nikifor Sviristukhin, fondly referred to as “Kolia” by his friends, in spring 2005 in Chisinau, Moldova. Like many expatriates, I couldn’t speak any Russian, but his paintings spoke loudly and vividly to me. I felt I had found a long lost friend. I have often said that Sviristukhin has been my primary motivation for learning Russian, because I want so much to be able to converse with him fluidly about the inner world of emotions and human condition he so beautifully portrays in his paintings.

Sviristukhin is one of Moldova’s preeminent living artists, perfecting his unique style of expressionism to both achingly touching and humorous results. In this small former Soviet republic, most often cited for being the poorest country in Europe and one of the leading countries of origin for victims of human trafficking, there is an overlooked national treasure: its artists. Sviristukhin is lead among them, although he usually remains outside the establishment, refusing admission to the Union of Artists. Expressionism is defined as an artistic movement in which the artist does not “depict objective reality, but rather a subjective expression of his inner experiences”. If this is so, then Sviristukhin has inner experiences filled with beauty, humor, and irony, juxtaposed against a backdrop of whimsy.

I purchased my first Sviristukhin painting on 10 May 2005. From the moment I saw it, I connected to it. Homecoming depicts a large, looming portrait of a melancholy woman with titian colored hair looking over her hometown. The character of the city is distinctly Parisian, calling upon the romance, history, and beauty of Paris. The woman has returned after a long absence. She knows her city intimately, and yet, nothing is quite as she remembers it. The colors are surreal—pinks, oranges, blues, greens, blended together. Buildings are elongated to the extreme. Trolley busses are hanging in mid-air. A cat walks up  Antonia De Meo graduated from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA, in 1989, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history. She worked briefly in the arts before redirecting her career toward the law. She has remained an avid lover of the arts and recently began a personal collection of modern art. Her collection has grown to some 25 works by Eastern European artists. From 2005 to 2007, De Meo worked in Moldova at the OSCE Mission to Moldova. In addition to her regular duties, she served as the Mission’s ad hoc Cultural Advisor, in which capacity she organized and hosted monthly art exhibitions by local Moldovan and Transdniestrian artists in the Mission’s premises in Chisinau. Sviristukhin held a personal exhibition of some 45 works at the Mission in May 2007. definition of “expressionism”. the side of a bridge. Sviristukhin perfectly communicates that confusing feeling of returning home after a long absence to find everything the same, and yet nothing the same. A central feature of the paintings is a lamppost, shining three bulbs on the entrance path to the city. A man painted in raisin—sometimes referred to as the universal color—has just begun his assent into the city and back to the woman’s heart. A sign tells him he has 5000 km to travel, but we know he will make a successful journey. Homecoming is a painting steeped simultaneously in the melancholy and hope of love and longing.

My second Sviristukhin painting was a 40th birthday present to myself. I visited Sviristukhin’s atelier with friends, shared a bottle of wine, and enjoyed a private viewing of his latest wor


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` Nikolay Ostapenko art name “Nikifor Sviristuhin” Was born in the city of Kakhovka in Ukraine, in a
family of artist George Ostapenko .
He studied at the Chisinau State Pedagogical University, for the graphic-arts faculty.
1994 first personal exhibition.
2000 Television program "Art Club" On national TV
2006 Television program"Studia Art" On national TV
2009 has entered into alliance Artists of Moldova
Personal exhibitions
1994-exhibition "Urban romance" the Army House. Kishinev
2001 "Violet night" Gallereja of "Step" Kishinev. 2003 office of firm "Infiniti" Kishinev.
2004 office of representation of Switzerland.
2004 gallery "Atrium" Hotel "Dedeman”
2004 Office of Mission of OSCE in Moldova.
2004 gallery of the French Alliance in Moldova.
2004 office of firm "Infiniti".
2005 Gallery "Atrium"
2005 Exhibition "Colour Form" republic Romania Parliament. A showroom "Konstantin Brankush" Bucharest.
2006 office of the United Nations in Moldova.
2006 embassy of the USA in Moldova.
2006 gallery "Аtrium".
2006 Parliament of republic Romania. Bucharest.
2007 gallery "Аtrium”
2007 Office of mission of OSCE in Moldova.
2008 March 6th 6-9pm . Marshall Art gallery . The Village at North Elm 301-H Pisgah Church Road Greensboro , NC 27455 USA.
2008 March 9th 11am. The Little gallery . 16430 B.T. Washington Hwy , Moneta , Va 24121 Smith Mountain Lake , Virginia , USA .
2009 April 30 4pm. Moldova , Chisinau hotel “Leo Grand’
2011-Gallery of the French Alliance in Moldova.
2012-Gallery of the French Alliance in Moldova.
2014-The exhibition in the gallery "Atrium".
2016 - Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Moldova. Kishinev.
2016 - Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Moldova. Kishinev.
2017 - Office of the French alliance in Moldova.

Joint exhibitions

1995-1996 the Exhibition "Our language" Kishinev.
2001-2003 municipal exhibitions.
2004 international exhibition " Creativity of the Polish artists of Moldova "Kishinev. Krakow. Warsaw. Poland.
2004 2005-2006-2007-2008 Exhibitions" Night art "Kishinev.
2008 February, 28th Artexpo New-York . Solo booth 149 .
2008 May Flow of Art Gallery . 16 River Street, Norwalk, CT 06851
(River & Wall Street) USA
2009 Exhibition of applicants for a rank of the full member of the union of artists.
2014 Group Art Exhibition " FROM MOLDOVA, WITH LOVE." Philadelphia, USA.
2014 Group Art Exhibition "MY MOLDOVA" City of San Francisco, USA.

Pictures being in private collections of the countries:

Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, the USA, England, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia.

Pictures are in national collections:
England, Romania.