Saatchi Art Trade Program

Image Provided by: Michael Mezzano 

Image Provided by: Michael Mezzano 

Access the world’s largest online original art catalog to find the perfect work for your clients.

Stellar interior design can transform the mood of any space – and you know the right piece of artwork can make all the difference.

Saatchi Art will help you find the artworks for your clients’ style and vision, ones they will love having in their space and enjoy every day.

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Free curation and expert art advisory services

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Designer Testimonials

Photographed by Michael Mezzano 

Michael Mezzano Design
“For original art, Saatchi Art is my top choice. The search functionalities are not only efficient but also enhance the overall browsing experience, making it easy to find pieces that resonate with me and my clients.”

Photographed by Suzanne Kotel

Christie Hines Design
“As an artist and a designer, there is no better feeling than providing my clients with an original piece of art. Saatchi has high-quality, beautiful pieces from all over the world that I am proud to include in my designs.”

Photographed by Annie Bergman Mata

Chelsea Wilson Sheppard Designs
“I love working with my Art Advisor to find the perfect pieces for my clients. Selections are made easier with the wide range of sizes and prices.”

“I learned with art—it’s similar to music. When creators have something that you like, you have to kind of seize the moment because you may go back and it may be gone.” 

— Rico Brooks

“If it evokes some sort of passion, or strikes some sort of chord with you, then buy it. Because you’ll look at it every day.”

— Susan Burger

“For me, art is like a record of all my personal history. All the places I’ve been to, all the people I’ve met, the works are reminders of all of those very specific moments.”

— Ariya Watty

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