Anna Maria Papadimitriou

Anna Maria Papadimitriou

Athens, Greece

About Anna Maria Papadimitriou

This house has no walls. You enter and at the same instant find yourself outside. Orientation is oftentimes subverted. Light endures. Time cannot be distinguished. Seagulls beat time every time they cast their shadow on the rocks. And disappear. Their absence confirms the presence of your self with its thoughts. You find yourself beside yourself. And despite all this, this unfamiliar space is your most personal home. You feel proud for not covering it with a roof. That you didn't rush to build it.

The unfamiliar is like a space that is more open, broader, and stretches its boundaries out in all directions, for a single instant gazing at the truth. But a single instant is all that is needed in order to overturn this. To open it up further and to redefine it. A process that is also unavoidable in my paintings. As each work is connected to and can be confused with the body. Successive layers and matter stirring together sometimes make a piece heavy. Baggage can weigh you down on a long voyage. This is the voyage I was telling you about. About a mountain that you must cross. Your own self.

In painting... I am interested in and challenged to enter into a confessional space, to extend my boundaries, to "open up" by activating the unconscious, bringing to the surface different ways to communicate with existence. Memories of water. Memories of the sky. I will attempt to free fall, dive deep and rise to the surface. To see glimpses of the future taking shape in the present. So many images await. So many light-scapes...



2000-2005 Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts studying under Professors Yannis Valavanidis and Mihalis Manoussakis.

1991-1996 School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies, Department of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design.


2020 ART-ATHINA - International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, Astrolavos Gallery, Greece

2019 Highlights, Astrolavos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

2019 ART-ATHINA - International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, Zappeion, Greece

2019 Exclusives, Astrolavos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

2018 Small Panorama of Modern Greek Art, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens

2017 Highlights, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens

2017 ART-ATHINA, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens

2017 REQUIEM, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens

2016 Highlights, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens

2016. "Oia Treasures", Santorini

2016 "Exclusives" Astrolavos gallery, Athens

2015 "RED" Municipal Theater of Piraeus

2014 ' NEVERLAND ' Cultureinside gallery - Luxembourg

2014 ''CONTROVERSIAL'' International exhibition of contemporary art - Villa Graziani, San Giustino, Italy

2010 ArtSpace - Santorini

2008 Image – Space – Action 2, Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens

2006 Exclusives, Astrolavos dexameni, Athens2007 Contemporary Abstract Artists,–Astrolavos Dexameni

2006 Four new contemporary artists, S. Lazaridou Art Gallery, Kallithea

2006 Image – Space – Action, Chamber of Arts of Greece

2005 Ηighlights, Astrolavos Dexameni, Athens

2005 Graduates of the IV Studio of Painting, Union of Graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens

2004 3rd Biennale of Students of the Greek Schools of Fine Arts, Creta Maris Hotel, Herakleion, Crete

2003 Department of Painting of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Municipal Gallery of Karditsa

2001 Livres d’ Artistes - Texts and objects, Gallery “7”, Athens


2013 SUN STATION / Museum of Oil, Gatzea, Pelion

2010 LIGHT-SCAPES / Δυνητικά ξέφωτα, Astrolavos Dexameni, Athens