Dick Buckley

Dick Buckley

Swampscott, MA, United States

About Dick Buckley

Richard Warren Buckley is an award winning, Swampscott, MA based, painter.

His works have been exhibited in galleries,
art fairs and museums from Boston to LA, and beyond.

Buckley's words and images have appeared in national and international advertising, marketing communications materials as well as in periodicals and annual reports. His work has been included in a number of notable collections, including that of the White House.

Over the past 40 years my work has evolved from representational oils on canvas to the colorful, and oft abstract works I create today.

My current art is the product of decades of releasing, of letting things go as I attempt to transcended intellect, education, and the expectations of others.

I've had to put those aside. I've often put down my brushes, and frequently my art is created with my hands. I feel that each of these works is a snapshot of my soul at the time it was created.

As the years have passed I've found that meditation and its resulting spiritual connection prior to beginning a piece is
the key to the success of my works; without it the work fails."


Vesper George School of Art
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Harvard University


From Art Festivals in Montreal and Miami, to the Venice Biennale, his works have toured the Globe.


His paintings been exhibited in NYC, LA,
Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge galleries, as well as on the walls of local venues, over the past year.