Nataliya Bagatskaya

Nataliya Bagatskaya

Kyiv, Europe, Ukraine

About Nataliya Bagatskaya

Nataliya Bagatskya was born in 1967.
The main creative direction is realism, magical realism, metamodern, portrait painting and graphics.
The artworks are in private collections and galleries of Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Vietnam, Netherland, USA, UK and other countries.
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. The world which we live is made of color. Color is something that creates beauty, energy. It causes emotions, it includes feelings. I have always been fascinated by the color and form. By combining them together, we get unlimited possibilities for creating art. But the creation of art or painting in my case goes deeper than combining the two of them. It starts with emotion or feeling, and then "spat" on the canvas. Some of my paintings are impulsive, where inner emotion captures my brush, while others are trips that even surprise me.
With my painting, I try to express how I see the world, and on an emotional level I communicate with the viewer, hoping to fix the moment on the canvas.The process of creating a picture for me is very meditative. The search for harmony of color and the creation of an ideal composition is very important.
In my paintings, I try to convey the joy of being, a beautiful image arising from simple things, be it a person, a corner of nature, or a remembered dream. My inspirations are also my life experience, the work of other artists, events, people and places around me.
Describing the style in which I work can be both complex and "mixed", for example, taking as a basis the style of realism, it modifies it in different pictures, adding surrealism or elements of the style of cubism, or even creating a mystical, illusory environment around realistic ' objects
My artistic quest has determined my comprehensive education. As a fashion designer, I declared myself in a series of paintings, where the girls are quite realistically depicted on the background of geometric planes, as if borrowed from paintings by Cubist painters.
In my creative work there is a series of still lives - as a "replica" on the subject of Dutch and English classical still-life with the accompanying attributes: vases, glasses, fruits and flowers that appear on a deep dark background. All these objects and environments acquire their aura, glow, giving the viewer a kind of mystical realism. Elements of mysticism are butterflies, present in a number of female images: "Psyche", "Princess", "Mermaid", "Oh, you Girl ...". These images, which are concise in their graphic completeness, attribute us to the metamodern style, which is based on some contradictions, instability, incompleteness.
Why am I painting?
Because, most importantly, I am happy to have the freedom to do what I love - to create, to rejoice with my creativity of other people, but to be myself. Being full of ideas that can be clearly represented, it is incredibly enjoyable when something that originally existed only in my mind, thoughts, images, and then appears on canvas.
I enjoy the infinite opportunity to study, to have the opportunity to choose projects that concern me and to be able to express myself, as nobody else can, express my world on canvas.
I feel like putting a little of my soul on every canvas, and then all the fear and trouble just disappear.
And seeing the picture, a person can touch the heart and soul of the artist. I am glad that my work is recognized by other artists and I am able to say everything I want without any censorship.
Having a list of expectations of high-paying clients who want my work, I share the rest with myself and my outlook, so happy to see when someone gets my picture, which is then in the homes of people where they can enjoy it every day.
Having the opportunity to support myself through my art, I am glad to travel to interesting places of the world for exhibitions and I am confident that I would still be engaged in art even when I am a millionaire ...


Graduated childrens art school.
Graduated from Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, specializing in designer in 1993.
Academy of Psychosocial Technologies (St. Petersburg) in 2008 (Psychology of the conflict), as well as the Institute of Personality Opportunities (School of Energy-Informational Development) since 2004.


Exhibition of painted eggs for the holiday of the Resurrection of Christ on St. Sophia Square in Kyiv. The height of the egg is 120 cm, which is written on six subjects on this topic in the form of frescoes. 2017 year.


Participated in exhibitions:
Personal exhibitions:
2018 "The Night" in "Zavalnyi Art Center" Kyiv
2018 "Whish You Were Here", Museum of Lesya Ukrainka. Kyiv
2017 "A Little of Silence" in "Zavalnyi Art Center" Kyiv, Ukraine.
Group Exhibition
Third All-Ukrainian Exhibition "Women's Portrait". Kyiv. Ukraine. 2020
Барви світу" in Parlament of Ukraine. Kyiv. Ukraine, 2019
Sheldon Rose Gallery, "Big Ideas in Small Art", Toronto, Canada, 2019
Group exhibition from Ukraine at 58 Venice Biennale, "Falling shadow Dreams over gardens Giardini ". Italy, 2019
Exhibition "Vizionario" in la galleria Merlino Bottega d'arte di Firenze. Italy, 2019
Exhibition in ABC-art gallery. Kyiv, 2019
1st All-Ukrainian Triennale "NU-ART", Kremenchuk, 2018
"Ukraine from Trypillya to the present in the images of contemporary artists" - Biennial. National Union of Artists of Ukraine (NUAU), Kyiv, 2018
"Picturesque Ukraine", NUAU,the city of Severodonetsk, 2017.
Biennale of abstract Painting,NUAU, Kyiv, 2017
Until the Day of the Artist, NUAU, Kyiv, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.
"Portrait Painting" , gallery "Mytets", Kyiv, 2017
"To the 160th anniversary of Ivan Franko",NUAU, Ivano-Frankivsk city, 2016
On Independence Day of Ukraine, NUAU, Kyiv, 2017, 2018,2019.
"Picturesque Ukraine", NUAU, Sumy, 2016
"Quinghi Memorial", NUAU, Mariupol, 2016
"Portrait Painting", gallery "Mitets", Kyiv, 2016.
Christmas exhibition, NUAU, Kyiv, 2015,2016,2017,2018