Ana Steinnekker

Ana Steinnekker

Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina

About Ana Steinnekker

Passion for image, design, color and composition!!!

Ana studies, works and lives in Palermo, a very well known neighborhood in Buenos Aires habitated by argentinians artists and designers.
Her relationship with Art began early childhood with pottery.
She´s arquitect from Belgrano´s University.
Points, plots and cubes are issues that it´s present all the time in her work.
Ana realizes that the point is the beginning of everything, it forms the line and does wonders with it.

She took many courses where she learnt how to use Indian ink, watercolour, pencil and other techniques of drawing and images that light the flame of visual Art.

She also worked with metals, silver designs and metal fusion in sculpture and contemporary jewerly, adding some non conventional materials as rubber, papers, candys and wood.


-Representation techniques with Miguel D´Arienzo.
-Architect of the University of Belgrano -UB-.
-Worked as a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires -UBA-.
-Studied watercolor with Eduardo Cervera and worked on wire and glass with Carlota Petrolini.
-She held sculpture seminars with Antonio Pujía and attends the painting and drawing workshops of Guillermo Roux and Anna Rank.
.Trained in contemporary jewelry with María Medici.
-With Alejandra Roux he carried out "Identity Workshop" and Work Clinic.
-Participated in the Work Analysis Clinics of the Cazadores group, made up of: Sergio Bazán, Alejandra Roux and Fabiana Barreda.
-Studied Biomimicry with the architect Mónica Cohen, and color with Karina Peisajovich.
-SHe is part of the Art Coordinates study group, training in Contemporary Art History and theory.
-Complete the Curatorial Practice Workshop with María Lightowler in Lluvia Office of Curatorship and Museology.


• Vigne Surrau. Porto Servo, Sardegna, Italia.
• Open Studio. International Residency Chateau D´Orquevaux. Champagne-Ardenne, France.
• ArteLamroth. 9th Edition. Solidary Art Fair. Community Center Lamroth, Vicente López Campus, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• El Cubo. Abramian Studio. Organizated by Infinity Inner. Textil-Hogar Fair. Madrid, España.
• T Hotel. Organizated by Abramian Studio. Cerdeña, Italia.

• Romulo Raggio Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina (awarded artwok).
• Painting and installation. Open Studio. Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• Rebuilding, solo exhibition at Belgrano University, Buenos Aires, paintings and interactive artwork.
• Art Fair New York.

• Cazadores de Arte by OdA Art Office, Buenos Aires
• La Blanco Encalada Art and Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• ArteLamroth. 7° Edition. Solidary Arte Fair, Community Center Lamroth, Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Casa Sur Hotel. Curator: Fabiana Barreda. Buenos Aires, Argentin.
• Central Newbery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• OdA Art Office. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
10° Drawing Contest Thesis + Faber Castell. Central Newbery. Buenos Aires, Argentina
XVI Tarbut Art Contest. Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Cazadores de Arte, Buenos Aires
• Affordable Art Fair, Mexico City
• Félix de Amador Museum Contest, Luján. Picture selected from the “Cabezas Locas” series, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province.
• Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, 79º Autumn Contest SAAP, painting selected from the “Cabezas Locas” series, Buenos Aires.
• Mitra Contest, 2do award painting.
• MIRA Art Festival, Recoleta Cultural Center.

• Belgrano University Award to Artistic Creation. Painting selected from the “Cabezas Locas” series, Buenos Aires.
• 10 artworks were exhibited within TV program “Señales”, by Dori Media producer (Broadcast by Channel 7 from Buenos Aires)
• Art Sale, Borges Cultural Center
• Mitra Gallery, merit for painting and sculpture

• Exhibition at Guillermo Roux´s workshop. “Cabezas locas” and “Cajas” series.

• Intervention of an umbrella at the “Umbrellas for peace” exhibition at New York Central Park.
• Palermo H Gallery, “Compositions “series.

• Jewelry design in sterling, acrylic and wood. “Musical Instruments” series.

• Exhibition of drawing, still life and human figure compositions of Guillermo Roux´s Whorkshop.

• Sculptures. Washington School.

• Sculptures (pottery and other material) and paintings. Carlota Petrolini´s Workshop. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• Transformation of an photographer´s space. In collaboration with José González (Architect). FOA Lofts. Buenos Aires, Argentina.