Arsen Bereza

Arsen Bereza

Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine

About Arsen Bereza

My paintings combines theme of influence of the time on the material world, the material structure change as a specific criterion for measuring life.
I try to seek out the aesthetics of picturesque moments in everyday things and display it on my canvases, time and memory are the central themes of the work.
This particular fixation imperceptible at first glance the usual things that remain unnoticed, and although carry certain time as layering and specific stories and events forgotten and erased.
Contemplation of the past can give to a person more than we can think at first, destroyed old surfaces, taken as an example, have their own deep history, nearby which the other generations passed by. The lessons of the past and memory about own roots and cyclical historical process can answer to the many profound and important personal questions. They never fully opens to us, always carrying the secret of their own past and the past of people that was living nearby.
I want my painting was a particular moment of contemplation, a kind of reflection, an alternative to the pursuit of the modern world for entertainment and spectacle.
I tend to make my painting the likeness of "black hole" , that will devour time and space, to erase physical sense of time in front of audience, make the viewer "failed" into it as in space without gravity for him to enter a certain state of thinking and meditation.
Contemporary art does not represent reality, and invents a hint unthinkable, that can not be represented, so my pictorial language rather symbolic and allegorical.


Lviv State College of Decorative and Apply Art, Painting department

Barchelor degree at Lviv National Academy of Arts, Monumental Painting department, red diploma with honour

Master degree at Lviv National Academy of Arts, Monumental Painting department, red diploma with honour


2008 - project “Kryvo–Rivno”, Lviv, Ukraine
2009 - exhibition “Spiritus”, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 - international autumn salon “Vysokyi Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 - “Lviv in Eyes of Youth”, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 - international autumn salon “Vysokyi Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine
2012 - installation “Exit”, Lviv, Ukraine
2013 - international autumn salon “Vysokyi Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine
2013 - “After Plain Air exhibition of IV International Symposium of Icon painting in Nowytsa, Warsaw, Poland
2014 - installation "Informational retroflection", Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - exhibition "Belief", Zhovkva, Ukraine
2014 - "Monumental painting exhibition", Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - Project "The cell", Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - "After plainair exhibition of 4 international icon painting plainair in Zamlynna", Lutsk, Ukraine
2014 - "Exhibition from the international interdisciplinary meeting "Giartino - Ogrod Sztuki", Torun, Poland
2014 - installation "Information. Inversion", Torun, Poland
2014 – project “Endurance test of the righteous Job. Dust of the gold” , UCU Museum of Modern Art, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 - project of modern visual art "Integration", Lviv Picture Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 - exhibition "Abstract painting of Ukraine", Kyiv, Ukraine
2015 - "Feldman art festival", Kharkiv, Ukraine
2017 - 6th UCU plainair for charity, Velyka Volosanka, Ukraine
2018 - Ministry of Culture grant "Gaude Polonia", Wroclaw, Poland

2012 - installation “Exit”, “Coralli” gallery, Lviv

2014 - installation “Informational Retroflexion”, “Primus Gallery”, Lviv

2014 – installation “Information. Inversion”, “Gallery Beyond Wisla”, Torun

2016 - exhibition "Bellek ve Zaman", Istanbul

2017 - exhibition "Painting. Ceramic" with Ihor Bereza, "Veles Art", Lviv

2017 - exhibition "Melancholy", Iconart Gallery, Lviv

2018 - exhibition "Memory and time", Platon Gallery, Wroclaw