Mandy-jayne Ahlfors

Mandy-jayne Ahlfors

Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

About Mandy-jayne Ahlfors

Artist Statement
Mandy's artworks are a representation of the world she see's around her. Inspired by pop culture, symbolism and things in life that she finds find intriguing. She like's to combine the use of symbols in bold paintings in an unexpected way to create a smart, colourful bold statement piece of artwork. She incorporate's her drippy paint technique along with glittering elements and her love of bold colour. Mandy's use of bold colours stems from the enjoyment of experimenting with colour and that not being afraid to use it and finds it is empowering and all these brought together is what really makes her artworks stand out. Her paintings are statement pieces that are a reflection of what she is herself and what she see's or feels, life experiences.
Art by Mandy’s Art has been featured by Saatchiart in the Pop Art Collection and also other online Galleries such as Artlimes. And in May 2020 has been featured in an upcoming Online Podcast by ACT Art Culture Tourism Date To Be Confirmed.

Born in Derby 1967 Art by Mandy's studio is based in Heage where the artist lives and works. Mandy is a Self taught artist Her first drawing was three years old she was very good with colours they would have to be kept in order she had a keen eye for colour she used to draw with colour pencils and water colour pencils and had many art gifts for birthdays and Christmas and these were her favourite gifts one was a crafting set she created a picture of man wearing a hat and walking his donkey in barefoot it was a mixed media set with different coloured glass beads, stones and rope it was beautiful it hung on her grandparents wall, she also liked the Gold foil scratch board art sets, and paint with numbers oil sets and was always experimenting with art it just grew with her having always had interests in arts and creativity she would be drawing and painting at every opportunity always seemed to be inspired by life and everything around her. Mandy enjoyed all aspects of art even as a young gymnast although a sport Mandy enjoyed expressing herself through the music and the dance and these creatives were her world. Having worked full time and bringing up a young son she would still find time even late in the night to draw or paint at every possible opportunity. In the late 90’s Mandy began a self-study course of the History of art. Since 2007 Mandy has sold her art to art collectors in both the UK and USA.


History of Art BBC Self study


APRIL 2021

April 5th April -April 19th 2021
Multiple Locations
​LinkNYC- New York
Ballyhoo Media- Miami
Lamar Advertising- Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Online Art Exhibition

5th October -15th November 2020

Hero Art Project for ARTHOUSE.NYC
The Big Screen Plaza on W.29th & 6th Avenue, Behind The Klimpton Hotel
New York City,USA, October 10th at 1pm.

6TH Annual Autumnal & Hero Art Project 9th-10th October 2020
9 West 8th Street, New York City

Pentrich Rising
Dronfield Hall Barn
22 January- 24th February 2019
Twitterartexhibit, Edinburgh April 2019
2017- 2018
Hall of Frames, Belper Derbyshire
Mercedes Benz of Derby, Charity Art Auction February 2018
The National Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham December-January 2018
Chester Arts Fair November 2017
Desperate Artwives International Public Takeover on Social media Tate London August 2017
NO.28 Belper, Pentrich Revolution Bicentenary May 2017
Twitter Art Exhibit, Charity Art Exhibition, Stratford upon Avon March 2017

Two Birds Gallery August
Twitter Art Exhibit, Charity Art Exhibition, NYC, March Group Exhibition,
Leabrooks Gallery,
The Buzz Gallery
Meet The Artist May Belper Open Houses May
Twitter Art Exhibit, Charity Art Exhibition, Norway, March

Studio 61 Gallery September 2014
WW1 Centenary Art Exhibition, Pitsford
The Buzz Gallery
NO.28 Charity Art Auction
Derbyshire Open Arts Studio 61
Orchard Gallery
Twitter Art Exhibit, Charity Art Exhibition, Orlando, March
Winter Scenes, DH Lawrence Museum
Contemporary, Salon Open Exhibition, Cromford
10 x 10 Cherry Orchard
Pop Up Exhibition, Allestree
Belper Arts Collaborative
Twitter Art Exhibit, Charity Art Exhibition, Los Angeles

DepARTures East Midland Airport
Clumber Park Hotel and Spa
White Peak Arts, Cromford
Pop Up Exhibition, Allestree
Belper Open Houses
Muse Gallery & Art Studio, Heage, Derbyshire

Muse Gallery & Art Studio, Heage, Derbyshire
Leabrooks Art Gallery
The Beetroot Tree
Studio 61 Gallery
View From The Top Gallery