Eva Bosch

Eva Bosch

London, United Kingdom

About Eva Bosch

Barcelona 1952
I am a maker. I paint, I write and I make videos. My work is my life and it suits me fine.


• Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam.
Instituut voor Praktijstudie

• Master of Art in Fine Art Painting. Royal College of Art, London

• Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fine Art Painting.
Chelsea College of Art, London


Residencies and Research
Residency at Catalhöyük, Turkey.

A collaboration with scientists and laboratory staff at a field station in Turkey, where archaeologists are excavating a city dating back 9000 years. My research included studies on frescoes, reliefs, sound, light and shadow. My greatest achievement was the discovery of a sun clock.
Archaeologists Ruth Tringham and Steve Mills collaborated with me in the making of a puppet show using mud-figurines I made in situ replicating those found in the site. The light effect of the sun-clock on the east wall of an excavated house provided a perfect screen for over 30 minutes. The video was titled “Shadowhöyük”. http://homepage.mac.com/chimeraspider/iMovieTheater13.html
The outcome of the residency is recorded in my article titled “Comments and Reflections from my Residency in Catalhöyük, Summer 2007” as well as in 6 videos containing interviews, sound manipulation, and recordings of the fabrication of local mud figurines and the shadow puppet performances.
I obtained permission to bring back floor plaster waste dating from 7000BC and have experimented with this using similar pigment to the ancient originals. I am working on a series of plaster surfaces and paintings using materials that include pigments and medium used by the people of Catalhöyük 9000 years ago. Data and information was provided by the paintings and reliefs found in the interiors of the dwellings in the ancient city.

May - Research Retreat at Ngayene, Senegal.
The Sine Ngayene Archaeological Project aims to investigate the structure and dynamics of the cultural landscape along the Petit-Bao Bolong Drainage in South Central Senegal. The site contains Megalithic stones of various sizes spread on large cemeteries dating from the late second millennium BC to the mid-second millennium AD. The archaeological research conducted by Prof. Holl, an archaeologist born in Cameroon, and current curator of the University of Michigan's archaeological museum is presenting new theories on how the ancient Senegalese perform rituals and buried their dead. The evidence Prof. Holl collected from the monuments (skeletal and metal data) indicates not a primary, but a secondary burial culture. His research aims at casting further light on a culture where prestigious families re-buried their dead in a manner that resembles the practice of erecting halls of fame. Together with his colleague from the Sorbonne, Dr Hamady Bocoun, director of Senegal's Cultural Heritage and National Patrimony, they are working to preserve and investigate further the Sine Ngayene site.
Professor Holl invited me to join his excavation. I witnessed and took photographs of the digging and the careful removal of ancient ceramics. Skeletons emerged from the dry earth which were carefully cleaned while pages of data were written down. I gathered much visual information which was expanded during lively debates with the professor and his students during the long dark nights - there was no electricity at the site. The megaliths, the extraordinary dryness of the land, the heat, the villagers’ way of life and the 8-hour jeep-journey across Senegal provided me with a portfolio of images that are key references from which I am working at present along with the material obtained in Catalhöyük.

March – Tainan National University of the Arts. Tainan, Taiwan (ROC)
The studio I had during my Artist in Residence, was surrounded by extraordinary examples of primary and secondary colours which are portrayed in the paintings I produced there (see “Chinese Fa” 2007).
The university campus resembled a little Venice but the variety of insects, frogs and rich flora was a constant reminder of China. The universal language of rich colour allowed me to cross the language barrier and made possible a course on colour which was carried out by walking around the campus with the students and doing live stu


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Alejandro Gallery, Barcelona, "Els sots feréstecs", oil on paper
1999 The Eagle Gallery, London. Exhibition of Paintings.
1993 “Taller Obert”, L’Atmella del Valles, Barcelona, Spain
1991 Centre Civic Torre Llobeta, Barcelona, Spain “The Vigil” Exhibition of 13 works. Oil on paper
1988 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings.

Group Exhibitions

2013 APT Studios. London - “Xmas Parlour”
2011 Casa Elizalde, Barcelona - Formes d’identitat. Artistes catalans a
Londres - Guillem Ramos-Poquí, Eva Bosch, Eduard Bigas, Esteve Subirah, Joan Martí i Miquel Garcia.
2010 The Lloyd Gill Gallery” Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset “The Oneiric image: symbols, automatism and the language of dreams”
2005 Dulwich Festival of Art : Open Studios
2002 – 2003 Arte axuda Galicia" Travelling exhibition, Vilagarcía, Vigo, Ourense, San Sebastián, Santiago de Compostela y Pontevedra
2002 VI Xuntanza Obradoiro Internacional das Artes Plasticas, Galicia Spain. Exhibition at Museo "Ramon Ma. Aller" Lalin (Pontevedra).
2001 Starting a Collection, Art First, London
2000 Harlech Biennale 2000 (Spain, Holland, France) Wales
1999 100 Park Lane – Hammerson. London
1998 Honiton Festival, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, Devon
Addison Wesley Longman "Global", Harlow, Essex
1997 Andy Stewart and Eva Bosch The Eagle Gallery (London)
• Art 97, Islington ( The Eagle Gallery)
1996 Winter Exhibition. Collyer-Bristow Gallery
• Harlech Art Biennale, Harlech, North Wales.
• "Down to Earth/De Peus a Terra” Together with Christopher Cook, Eileen Cooper and Ken Kiff. Travelling exhibiton starting in Galeria 4rt Barcelona and then Lamont Gallery, London.
• 3 Painters Exhibition (Germany, Holland and Spain). Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings. Seu Consell Municipal Districte de Nou Barris Barcelona, Spain
1987"Wintertuinen" Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, Holland
• Peter de Francia and his pupils. Camden Art Centre, London, England
• Leicestershire Art Exhibiton Leicester, England
1986 Pirelli Calendar 1986, London, England
• Battersea Arts Centre "Art on Paper" London, England
• Cheltenham Exhibition of Painters from the R.C.A, Cheltenham, England
1985 Nine Painters Exhibition - Roger Francis Gallery, London, England
• R.C.A. 2on year Painting Show, London England
• Whitechapel Open Exhibition 1985, London England
• I.B.M. Exhibition of Eight Painters from the R.C.A., London, England
• Japan International students exhibition Kobe,
1984 Stowell's Trophy - Royal Academy of Art, London, England
• Royal Academy summer Show, London England
• Bakehouse Gallery Open Drawing'84 London, England
• The Camden Annual (Commended), London England
• The Royal Overseas League Art Exhibition London, England
• Finalist at the Bath Contemporary Art Fair Bath, England
1983 Sheffield Open Exhibition, Mappin Gallery Sheffield, England
1981 New Contemporaries (I.C.A.) London,England