Badri Valian

Badri Valian

San Francisco, CA, United States

About Badri Valian

Human body and its movements are the most intricate, sophisticated structures our eyes are exposed to. The fluidness and continuity of human movements along with the shapes the body takes during these movements, create a picture in our eyes full of smooth curves musically related to each other. This is what I try to capture in my work blending the body and its motions with music I hear and the rapture I feel in my mind .
"Family Dreams" Project's statement :
Today’s society is a conglomeration of children of yesterday. The children who witness the interactions and relations between their parents and other family members.
The child’s memory is full of colors juxtaposing patterns shaped by the surrounding characters and deformed by their personalities. Reminiscing those memories bring tears to her eyes instead of smiles to her face.
She finds her soul crushing under the pressure of pain, watching her mother’s detestable and odious treatment of her father. She sees her father desperately trying to bond the family together and to prevent its disintegration while the mother is ripping it apart with her unbearable sorrow, extreme anxieties, and hate.
The mother’s shape is warped and distorted. The father is a collection of soft curves that do not belong to their rightful place and seem scattered and disoriented. The rest of the family fills gaps of the palette wherever the mother leaves them spaces to be and to breathe. And mother’s agitations force the children to swarm to any gaps they find in the palette where they can find some peace.
Today, these children have grown to be adults. They see themselves as the harvest of what was sown years ago by those who touched their life. Recognizing the edicts of color and form, they try to portray on every palette, the story of a day of life, more sad than happy, long gone but still fresh in their mid and soul.


Education : 1996 _ 2000 University of Art Iran- Mashhad
Since 2013 studying figurative drawing in San Francisco , 23th street studio

Events showcasing my work in their article :
Individual exhibition, 2013
2.Permanent exhibition, four etudes from the “Autumn Collection”, at the ultra modern Eastlund hotel , Portland Oregon, January 2015.
3 . Two-year contract for sale of re-prints of the “Autumn Collection” , Studio Art Direct, 2015-2017
4.Artist featured in Saatchiart collection on September 2016
5.InMenlo magazine article by Linda Hubbard about Badri Valian


1. CSUMB , California State University Monterey Bay , International Department , March , 2018
2 . Art Venture Gallery, Menlo Park , CA ,January 2018
3 . Seyhoon Gallery, Los Angeles , May 2013.
4 . Participant, Silent Auction, PARS Gala, Los Angeles, 2014
5 . Group exhibition, Marriott Hotel, Burlingame, San Francisco Bay Area, California.
6 . Permanent exhibition, four etudes from the “Autumn Collection”, at the ultra modern Eastlund hotel , Portland Oregon, January 2015.
7 . University of Tehran/Iran permanent exhibition, curating of “Nude with no title”, 2015.
8 . Participant, annual gala and silent auction, Mothers against Poverty (MAP), San Francisco, California, 2014.
9 . Participant, Group exhibition of Iranian-American women (IAWF), San Francisco Bay Area, 2015.
10 . Participant, Silent Auction, PARS Gala, Los Angeles, 2015.
11. Solo Exhibition, California, Menlo Park, Gitane freedom of style, 2016 .
12. InMenlo online magazine article about Badri Valian in Gitane on September 8th
13. Solo exhibition in SVOS , West Menlo Park ,(31st Silicon Valley Open Studio)