Birute Nomeda Stankuniene

Birute Nomeda Stankuniene

Vilnius, Lithuania

About Birute Nomeda Stankuniene

Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė was born in 1963. In 2009 she has graduated Vilnius Art Academy and lives in Vilnius.

The artist is free in choosing her unique way of artistic expression notwithstanding what popular, fashioned, commercially successful art styles are dominating in Lithuania. Style of Birutė’s Nomeda’s abstract paintings is noble, having many meanings and at the same time summarising and concluding essential existential themes. The artist is impulsive and free. In her art, it is possible to recognise interpretation of many topics and episodic images, carrying in their selves’ sensation of transience and unsustainability. Often, pictures of Birutė Nomeda are like looking through the wet glass. Such impression is strengthened not only by suggestive paint leaks, but also by the gesture type strokes, thinness and transparency of paint layer, and of course by the fragility of the surface’s texture. The mysterious and bizarre shapes, intermittently appearing or disappearing on canvases are playing the equally unpredictable role. However, the key here is not the story but tension, created by strokes, drips and total composition.

The artist says: „ My creative motto could be best expressed in the words of Claude Monet: “Colours are my daylong obsession, joy and torment.” I want to become friend with colours, to come close to them and to plunge into the game of one or several colours. My style is developing towards more abstract painting, as I am trying to find myself in it. Abstract painting is an instrument allowing my soul and heart to speak about everything that is happening in the world and in my mind in the form of letters and diaries expressed in colours.”

Works of the artist have been exhibited over 30 times in Lithuania and abroad. In 2011 it was published a book “Seven Feelings According to Job’s Drama”, using works and graphic design of the artist. Reproductions of Birutė’s Nomeda’s works were published in IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists) publications, internet blogs and selected to the weekly Saatchi Art Online collections. Exhibitions of the artist’s works were covered by Lithuanian mass media and international media such like BBC Radio Solent, CNC News/Xinhua – China National News Agency and others. Paintings of the artist have travelled to hands of private art collectors and art lovers in Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States. The artist is a member of IUOMA, a global project „Slow Art Day“ and “Hieronymus Bosch Project” in Holland.

By Art Critic Dangira Buzytė


2018, Slade Art Summer School Residency
2017, UCL ( University College London) Slade Summer School. ‘Painting In Contemporary Practice’. The tutor – PhD, artist Hephzibah Rendle-Short.
2017 Emily Ball course at Seawhite. Course – ‘Contemporary Abstract Painting’. The tutor – painter Helen Turner

2009 – BA in Art and Design, Vilnius Art Academy.
1987 – Kaunas Technology University, MA in engineering technology and design


The latest events:


2015 - National Exhibition 'Ar(T)chyvas’ in Arka, the gallery of the Fine Art Union Lithuania. Participating work - ‘Shaded Signs‘
2013 – National Exhibition 'ANATOMY of XXI c' in Arka, the gallery of the Fine Art Union Lithuania. Participating work - Stigma I, Stigma II.
2013 - Intercontinental Exhibition 'United Nations: Nations – Water – Cultures“ (organisers: Inter-Art Foundation Aiud, Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations by Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) United Nations Headquarters, New York,
Participant work ‘Beware of the Artist’
2010 - Vilnius' XIII auction. Participant works 'December' and 'Rowan' Published in the edition.


2018 - Group exhibition at Gallery Immaginaria, Florence, Italy
2018 - "CONTEMPLATION" at Gallery Immaginaria, Florence, Italy
2018 - ‘WHEN THE MEADOW BLOSSOMS UNDER THE SNOW ” at k29 business centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 The exhibition of paintings at “GREEN HALL” office buildings in Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 – ‘Crazy Yellow’ at Westminster Reference Art Library gallery, London.
2015 - "EMBRACING LIFE" at Sherborne Abbey, Dorset County, England (UK), Press coverage by local media and BBC
2015 - "CRAZY YELLOW" in business centre Gostauto 40, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015 - Exhibition at Marija and Jurgis Slapeliai Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 - ‘Towards Yourself’ Marijampolė kultūros centro B.M. Stankūnienė Gallery, Cultural Centre of Marijampole. Article about the exhibition in the April Issue, Draugas, cultural supplement, USA newspaper for Lithuanians.
2014 - Personal exhibition at the exhibition area of Business Centre VERTAS, Vilnius, Lithuania
2013 - ‘About the Autumn’, Novotel Vilnius Centre
2012 - ‘Being Yourself’ Exhibition National UNESCO committee gallery, Vilnius.
2011- ‘When the Stick Blooms’ Exhibition, Liudviko Rėzos Exhibition Center, Juodkantre.
2009 - Exhibition in the Pažaislis monastery ensemble, Kaunas
2008- ‘Summer’ Exhibition in Elektrėnai Municipality hall.
2006- ‘Beginning’ First personal exhibition in the Culture Centre of Rumšiškės.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS: ‘Seven Feelings according to the Book of Job’
The Painting group ‘Seven Feelings according to the Book of Job’ has been exhibited 14 times in sacral, exhibition and other non-exhibition public spaces. The Book ‘Seven Feelings according to the Book of Job’ has been published in 2011. Based on the painting group, it also includes extracts from the Book of Job in French and Lithuanian.
2018 - Liškiava Cultural Center, Lithuania
2016 – Vilnius ST. Joseph’s Seminary for priests’
2015 – Sherborne Abbey, Dorset County, England (UK)
2013 - ŠOFAR gallery, Jews Cultural Centre Vilnius. Article about the exhibition in the November Issue, ‘Drauga’s, cultural supplement, USA newspaper for Lithuanians.
2013 - Bernardine Church, Vilnius
2012 - International Christian Conference Krikštėnai Manor, Ukmergės Dist.
2012 - St. Casimir Church, Vilnius
2011 - Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis Church, Vilnius
2010 - Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis Parish House, Vilnius
2010 - Waldorf school, Vilnius
2010 - Šventežeris’ church, Šventežeris
2009 - Pavilnys’ convent, Vilnius
2009 - The Lutheran church, Vilnius
2008 - Vytautas’ church, Kaunas
2008 – Paparčiai church, Kaišiadorys Dis.