Bob Ziller

Bob Ziller

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

About Bob Ziller

I've been an artist from a very early age ... I did the cover of my school newspaper when I was in second grade (7 years old). I would draw tattoos in magic marker on classmates while still in grammar school. I consider myself a folk artist. Though I graduated from a university, it was with a degree in English. Though I've had some art classes, I really don't recall anything instructional about them; I consider myself a self-taught artist. I am also a poet, translator (Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo), publisher/editor, singer (Bingo Quixote, Media Circus Extravaganza), and filmmaker. My art has been in over 100 exhibitions, including the Carnegie Museum, Andy Warhol Museum, Mattress Factory, Chicago Cultural Center, Hunter Museum of American Art, Norton Museum of Art, Monterey Museum of Art, and George Eastman House. My ArtOMat works (with Michael Saxman) have been at the Whitney Museum of America Art and the New Museum in NYC.


B.A. from Seton Hall University