Catherine Timotei

Catherine Timotei

Ajaccio , Corsica, France

About Catherine Timotei

Abstract Art :
Timotei ‘s Art movement is Progressivism, for the transformation of our society which holds the potential of civilization collapse, with the end of Neoliberalism and toward great ethics transition initiative, economic justice and ecological regeneration.

Art of the 21st Century.

Phenomenology: The logic of sense.
Timotei uses color as an approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the object of direct experience. It doesn’t illustrate. It is the power of colors to undo form as an element of art to collaborate with the highest aesthetic purpose.

Her technique with oil medium, her generative capacity of treatment of color, and prolonged visual analysis on large scale formats give to the viewer an experience, with its unique story. It does not illustrate; it is the perception of its own realisation.

The beauty of her work originates from the vibrant colors that inescapably raise emotion to the viewers.

Timotei has a unique gift, natural talent, and attention to detail that enhances her ability to excel in her aesthetic approach to create beauty through art.

Her artistic choices are grounded in a philosophical interest to express emotion and touch the human soul. To echo Gilles Deleuze's book “la Logique de la sensation" describing the phenomenology about the power of color to undo form.

Catherine Timotei is a French contemporary artist, who lives between Corsica (France), and South Africa. In search of the sublime, she depicts the fundamental of the world's essential crisis with a leap into the abstract.

Her style is highly acclaimed by critics for its large-scale dimension, vibrant colors and expressive notes that draw - on key aesthetics of the most highly regarded and sought-after masters of art. Her aesthetic choices are grounded in a philosophical interest and desire to express emotion, and touch the human soul.

She learned drawing in Santo Domingo in 1986. 'Nulla sine Lineas', first of all, drawing is the basis of all arts, and secondly, the lines are the foundations of drawing.

She attended the Lorenzo Di Medici Art School in Florence (Italy), where the focus was on traditional historical sources of the Italian masters.

With the Museum of Modern Art in New York, she studied and learnt the techniques of the Abstract Expressionism masters and beyond.

In our current age of globalization and modernization, Abstract Expressionism, with its permanent and timeless presence, is perhaps one of the most recognised historical genres.

Timotei's mission statement is concerned by the overall well being of the planet and she firmly believes that art can save the world.

'Art will save the world', Dostoevsky.


- MoMa New York: Post War Abstract techniques.
- Sotheby’s: Introduction to Modern Art.
- Lorenzo Di Medici, Florence, Italy: Painting techniques of the old masters.
- Altos de Chavonne, Santo Domingo: Drawing Techniques.


- Agora Gallery exhibition 2019, New York, 25th May
- White Space Gallery, Chelsea exhibition, 30th May 2019
- Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York from 18th April 2019
- Contemporary Art of Excellence Award Winner 2017 volume cover
- Sophie Lalonde gallery Solo exhibition, 2015, Gaborone Botswana
- Alliance Francaise, Solo exhibition Cape Town.
- Mont Nelson hotel, Silo exhibition Cape Town
- Spier hotel, Solo exhibition , Stellenbosh, Western Cape
- Table Bay hotel, solo exhibition , Arx Cape Town
- Saxon hotel solo exhibition, Johannesburg
- 15 on orange Hotel, Bokeh film fashion festival Solo exhibition , Cape Town & JHB.
- Artscape Theatre, Solo exhibition, 2016, Cape Town.
- Lazaret Ollandini Marc Petit Museum Ajaccio Corse France exhibition
- Roche Bois Cape Town, Johannesburg, Ajaccio exhibition.
- African Odyssey 2017 , Solo exhibition,City Hall Cape .


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