Cesar Vita

Cesar Vita

London, London, United Kingdom

About Cesar Vita

I am a documentary and portrait photographer, doing jobs for NGO,s. Next project it will be Nepal.
I started photography in black and white film, and I am still doing it, every place I go, just for pleasure of enjoy the pure photography. And in many cases its my personal journalism.
Black & white photographs of Cesar Vita are silver/gelatin prints assembled in traditional darkroom from multitude of original negatives.
All my black and white prints are hand printed in London for Master Mono, then scanner in a high quality.
Prints are a perfect recreation of the originals.


Profesional Photography EFTI, MAdrid. 1998-2000.
HND profesional photography Stevenson College, Edinbrugh, U.K.
Photography teacher Towers hammlets London.