Cornelis Vink

Cornelis Vink

Leiden, Netherlands

About Cornelis Vink

Cornelis Vink (1966, Leiden) is a Dutch painter and biologist, who is dedicated to making paintings that are characterized by strong geometric forms combined with powerful colors. Even though his current artwork is purely abstract, it can be seen as a representation of life itself. While the energetic color schemes used in the majority of his paintings reflect the wonderful, lively chaos of nature, the orthogonal structure of these paintings appears to bring order to the chaos. This 'order' symbolizes the human urge to organize and control our surroundings. Vink's work can thus be portrayed as a creative search for balance between nature (or freedom) on the one hand, and 'control' on the other. This search is a fantastic, continuous expedition, in which novel paths are discovered in almost every painting.


Pieter Groen College
Leiden University


For a review of my work, please visit the following link:


'Cornelis Vink', solo exhibition, De Kunstplaats, Markt 7, Leerdam (February 8-April 7, 2018)

'Moving Colors', solo exhibition, Art Amplifier Gallery, Rosmarijnsteeg 10, Amsterdam (February 17-27, 2016)

Contemporary Art Ruhr, Innovative Art Fair (October 30-November 1 2015, Essen, Germany)

Little Treasures (2013, Bologna, Italy)
Galeria de Marchi

Neue Wilde (2013, Berlin, Germany)
Galerie Marzia Frozen

Art More Sphere (2013, Deventer, The Netherlands)
(Grote of) Lebuinuskerk