Diane Voyentzie

Diane Voyentzie

Brookfield, CT, United States

About Diane Voyentzie

Brookfield, Connecticut painter, Diane Voyentzie, has been providing paintings in different styles, including large murals, commissioned paintings, and classically painted furniture to designers and architects, and clients in New York, Connecticut, and Florida since 1985.

After visiting Israel this spring, I was inspired by the amazing landscape colors, and especially the old city of Jerusalem, with its crumbling walls, and its deep religious importance . It is the center of the three major religions of the world. The old city of Jerusalem is surrounded by walls, with eight gates. These gates have been there for centuries.
The Golden Gate has been bricked up for several hundred years. This is the eastern gate that leads to the Christian section, and is said to be the Gate which Jesus rode in to Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday. The eight gates of the old city of Jerusalem are what I have started as a series. I have four of them finished. The Golden Gate, The Jaffa Gate, The Zion Gate, and The Lions Gate. The paintings are all 24x30 inches on stretched canvas. The paintings are mixed media with heavy impasto paint, and charcoal, pencil, and acrylic, and oil washes. I plan to also make prints of these paintings. The prints will be on mat archival watercolor paper. This first painting is The Lions Gate.
The gate has two pairs of lions on either side of the gate.

The murals and paintings I have done for residences or public spaces are designed and planned distinctively around the interiors of the spaces. The Bricktops Restaurants have Voyentzie Monkey murals in a variety of sporting vignettes. Other styles of murals, such as the Art Deco style can be seen at the Wellington Hotel or the Hotel Elysee and the Monkey Bar in New York City
The floral paintings, prints and murals can be a look into a dream or simply a beautiful way to enhance the environment .



Studied Painting at University of Florida,
Studied with Ian Cairnie and Scott Christensen
Taught design at Isabel O"Neil Studio, NY,
Taught design at Parsons School of Design
, NY


Kips Bay Boys Club, NY
Room with a View, Southport CT
Various shows through the Northeast


Murals in NY, Wellington Hotel,
Hotel Elysee, New York
Monkey Bar, New York
Plaza Hotel presidential suite,
Exhibitions in Greenwich CT
Exhibitions in Southport CT
Exhibitions in Charlotte, NC
Paintings in many BrickTops Restaurants