Romy van Rijckevorsel

Romy van Rijckevorsel

Vlijmen, NoordBrabant, Netherlands

About Romy van Rijckevorsel

I paint people because man is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. In the beginning, I was mainly concerned with the resemblance, now it is a challenge to give a portrait content.
I like to leave large parts of the canvas free or not filled in because I really love an unfinished, not perfect image. And I also like to be able to fill in things myself.
I like working with acrylics. Acrylic fits very well with my method. Fast smooth painted wet layers. Sometimes the canvas lies on the ground and sometimes I put it back on the wall. The charcoal drawings / lines have started to play an ever greater role. It was first a way to quickly set up the portrait, now the lines are an important part of the final result. I recently also incorporated collages through my portraits.


Art academie Arendonk Belgium
Member STOK (Stichting Stedelijk Overleg Kunstenaars Den Bosch) Board Member, Route van de Kunst Vlijmen.


2018 Published in the book "The collages Ideas Book" bij Alannah Moore.


SHE-Art Gallery Nuenen NL (Permanent Artist)
Ton Gallery Rucphen NL (permanent Artist)
“Vrijplaatsen” Kruithuis, Atelier Route Den Bosch NL
Dementie Project “onvergetelijke kleuren” Cultuur Toren de Marienkroon Vlijmen
Stark in Kunst Apeldoorn, NL (expositie met Gert de Mulder)
MarktTwee Zaltbommel, NL