Eckhard Besuden

Eckhard Besuden

Allensbach, Germany

About Eckhard Besuden

Besuden is painting antideterministic art. For the first time at the beginning of the new century (2005) in London the question is raised, whether deterministic attributes of modern painting (new, authentic, antidecorative, scandalous) must be fundamentally reconsidered. In 2009 the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published a report about the Transition Gallery in London, and their new appreciation of art under the heading: 'we need more dilettantes'. In this case the scandal is not intended to create a better saleability. Art musnt be no longer new, authentic, anti-decorative to be serious art. The anti-deterministic artist is allowed to paint old, anti-authentic, decorative but in a new dogmatical style.
With every peace of art, corresponding with the above mentioned characteristics, the artists turns against the dictate of the ruling dogmatics. He is pursuing art policy by intentionally ignoring the quality requirements of the first art market and thus he regains absolute artistic freedom.


Autodidact. no education, no biography. "Im not an artist I'm only a simple painter",


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