Elena Harvey

Elena Harvey

Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

About Elena Harvey

“The ultimate question of life, universe and everything” is my biggest inspiration.

My work for me is the way of reflecting

observations on the interplay and transformation of the different forces and phenomenons;
meditation on what links behavior of the world on small and large scales;
my attempt to understand what is reality.


2006-2009 B.A. Fine Art, University of Suffolk.
2001-2003 Foundation in Art and Design, Suffolk College.
1991-1992 Foundation in painting, drawing, composition; Kazan (Russia) College of Arts.


2009 International student, University of Suffolk.
2008 Ebb, University of Suffolk.
2008 On the Faraway Planet , collaboration project in Suffolk Council Library, Ipswich.
2008 Best in show, Suffolk Show.
2006 Newer Land, Gallery of Kazan University.
2005 Changing horizon, E. Boratinsky museum, Kazan.
2000 Art and craft in Kazan, Exhibition Center, Kazan.