Elisaveta Ilieva

Elisaveta Ilieva

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

About Elisaveta Ilieva

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October, 2013 -Project by Art Center, Karlovo
November 2013 - Exhibition Angels, Sofia
March 2014 - Solo Exhibition, Art Center , Karlovo
March 2014 - Exhibition, Art Center Casino, Burgas
June 2015 - Exhibition Gallery Romfea, Plovdiv
July 2015 - Participation with abstract watercolor, NUMTI D.Petkov, Plovdiv
September 2015 - Presentation in Absinthe Gallery, Sofia
September 2015 - Exhibition "Rhodope tale" Art Center, Plovdiv
December 2015 - Annual Christmas exhibition, Gallery Romfea, Plovdiv
June 2016 - Open Watercolor Art Studio and exhibition in Gallery Zagreb, Plovdiv
/part of Kapana Fest Plovdiv 2016/
July 2016 - 1st Varna International Watercolor Biennale, Bulagria
​September 2016 - Exhibition Watercolors " Elements " in Gallery Zagreb, Plovdiv
October 2016 - Watercolor atelie for childrens - Art space Vazrajdane, Old Plovdiv
December 2016 - Christmas Exhibition in Gallery Zagreb, Plovdiv
Februari, 2017 - 1st Quito International Watercolor Biennale, Equador
March, 2017 - 2nd Tirana International Watercolor Biennale, Albania
April, 2017 - Fabriano Watercolor Exhibition and metings Fabriano in Aquarello
April 2017 - Urbino Watercolor Exhibition and meetings Fabrianoin Aquarello
June 2017 - Watercolor Studio in Arsenal of Art Gallery, Plovdiv
December 2017 - Workshop Christmas Cards, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sofia
December 2017 - Workshop with children in AcibademCityClinicTokuda Hospital, Sofia
December 2017 - Exhibition Gallery Art Center Orchid, Karlovo
February 2018 - International Watercolor Biennale, Pakistan
February 2018 - International Watercolor Biennale, UAE Dubay