Jan Esmann

Jan Esmann

Vanløse, Vanløse, Denmark

About Jan Esmann

Born 1960, Denmark. Raised in Bury, England. Moved to Copenhagen 1967 and has lived there since.

"Contemporary art, especially painting, has turned towards a renewed interest in the craft of figurative art. Contemporary art is of course no longer modernist art, but postmodernist art, and as such a renewed interest in the lost craft of figurative painting, that modernism killed off, is only natural, though it is also a very elitist trend within otherwise selfconceited postmodernism. So we are happy to consider our selves anti-postmodernists. As contemporary anti-postmodern artists we have to reinvent old painting skills in a new form of figure painting. Only this way can we move art beyond the pseudo-intellectual amateurisms of postmodernism."
Jan Esmann 2005-06.


Self-taught artist... Well in order to learn craft I studied at the Department of Conservation at the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Arts 1987-1990.

Past Shows:
2006 Polka-Dot, An Art Gallery, Copenhagen
Gallerihuset, Copenhagen

2005 Gallerihuset, Copenhagen

2004 Gallerihuset, Copenhagen

2003 The More Gallery, USA.
Gallerihuset, Copenhagen.

2002 The More Gallery. USA. (twice)

2001 Gallerihuset, Copenhagen
Artfair: Art Copenhagen (Kunstmessen i Forum)
Artfair: Kunstmessen Herning
10 World Artists at Noosagallery, Australia - Chosen to represent Denmark

2000 Gallerihuset, Copenhagen
Gallerie 108, Rosklide
Artfair: Art Copenhagen (Kunstmessen i Forum)
Artfair: Kunstmessen Herning
Memorial Exhibition for Palle Nielsen

Ikon 2000, Kunstnernes Hus, rhus
Alice Lookingglass Gallery, New York
Artfair: Art Copenhagen (Kunstmessen i Forum)
Lejnieks Fine Art, California

1998 Gallerihuset, Copenhagen..
Artfair: Kunstmessen Herning
Alice Lookingglass Gallery, New York
Lejnieks Fine Art, California

1994 Gallerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund

1993 Galleri Kobolt. Copenhagen.

1992 Charlottenborgs Forrsudstilling
New Court Gallery, Copenhagen
Kunstnernes Efterrsudstilling

1991 Kunstnernes Efterrsudstilling

1990 Kunstnernes Efterrsudstilling

1987 Kunstnernes Efterrsudstilling

1986 Kunstnernes Efterrsudstilling,


Future Shows: Annual solo-exhibition at Gallery Polka-Dot, Copenhagen