Falk Kastell

Falk Kastell

Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About Falk Kastell

Falk Kastell was born in 1986 in Heidelberg, Germany.
His artistic influences come from every good source of art and nature. He is inspired by many painters of the past and present as well as the decorative arts and in its essence, by beauty itself. The range of works in this portfolio shows the broad diversity of his abilities, as it is very natural for him to work with different mediums. All this serving the purpose of expressing very poignant messages and emotions.

Falk danced classical ballet for 13 years and now uses the canvas as his stage to dance on.
He has been mostly self-taught but also studied art in the UK where he received painting lessons.

Many well known personalities are not only collectors of his works, but have been inspiring him, broadening his abilities and deepening his love for art, such as Karl Lagerfeld, John Neumeier, Robert Häusser, Cameron Carpenter, Vladimir Malakhov, Lucas Ossendrijver, Irene Gernsheim, Dominique Dumais and many others.

His works have found their way into the private collection of John Neumeier and Karl Lagerfeld as well as many other celebrated and noteable individuals.
Sometimes a long friendship has connected him and these people, who have enriched him with their councel and motivation.

This love for the human being and all the wonders of it, shines through in his art. It radiates an inner light which shines inevitably into the life of the beholder.



BA, MA in Communication-Design. Studied Art and Photography in the UK.


Exhibition of photographs for the Engelhorn 125. Anniversary show until Jan.2016

Dance performances in Darmstadt and Zwischenraum Art-pop up bar, Mannheim.
Nationaltheater Mannheim. Videoprojections for
4 Seasons, Choreographische Werkstatt 2012/13
Live Art performances in 2013.


Solo exhibition, Villa Boehm, Germany, 2020
Group exhibition, Prince house gallery, Germany, 2020
Taiwan Kaohsiung Art fair 2016
Engelhorn 125 anniversary exhibition. 2015
Unter den Linden 40 Berlin. Wolff Verlag.
Henry´s Auctionhous Art gallery in 2012.
Kunstverein Mannheim, werkschau 2011-13