philip cheater

philip cheater

Swansea, glamorgan, United Kingdom

About philip cheater

I am a multi-disciplinary artist working in wales.

My work is fundamentally based on the objective nature of people's perception and the social hierarchies that they are placed within. As I have worked in different disciplines before becoming a professional artist I can use my personal experience to justify and inform my practice.

The knowledge gained as a graphic designer is integral to my use of pattern and typography even though it is not a focal point of my practice.

My understanding of the outside world and social order within other jobs have helped to inform me of how others perceive art. As a multi disciplinary artist I use manmade pattern and materials to convey work that everybody can relate to no matter what their social status is. As art is a tool for communication it is important that people know what society is based upon whether it is historical or cultural.

The subject matter and titles of my work evolve with the society that I am part of so I can be sure that the viewer will not be perplexed with obscure references.

In a society heavily reliant on sign, symbol, pattern and typography to inform and guide them these are key tools at my disposal.