Martin Gerstenberger

Martin Gerstenberger

Landshut, Bavaria, Germany

About Martin Gerstenberger

Born 1981 in Landshut Germany I started my way into art as a teenager who fell in love with street art and soon was able to do big murals with well known people like os gemeos and flying fortress.

In my recent work I try to combine elements of Street Art and Naive Art/ Outsider Art with traditional ways of painting or sculpturing as well as using its subjects or copied elements.This way I am experimenting with the different energy and history of the individual art forms and the possibility to combine it. Like the modern way of living and especially the capitalistic way of life absorbs all rude and natural forms of living, my work shall reflect this in an ironic way.

My pictorial narrative technique is that of the stream of consciousness - protagonists, landscapes and motifs arisen from the stream of consciousness, are cut out of their larger context and intertwined in free association with new content and figures.
And yet, follow the pictures a clear intention and statement: they offer the viewer familiar shreds of collective memory and embed it in a carefully staged design from the strangest landscapes, situations and constellations.
The viewer opens up a wondrous universe of styles, time frames, social developments: often seemingly naive, sometimes expressive, sometimes wild - as fantastic as castles in the air in the forest of thoughts, and yet extremely precise in the architecture.
In its wild mix of levels of meaning, details and contexts it includes the riddle and its solution at the same time. Behind often humorous, ironic titles hides such as behind the image plane itself a reflexive attitude towards the old questions of mankind or social constructs.


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Fernsehdokumentation (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

"Street Attitudes" - Urban Art Festival/ Bozen

Participation in the "artsurprise-project"

Participation in the new book on product design by Rebecca Proctor: "Upcycle: 24 Sustainable DIY Projects"

Publication in Art Reveal Magazine/ Issue 7

Featured in the "In Celebration of Picasso" collection by Saarchiart curated by Rebecca Wilson:


Featured in the "New this Week" collection of Saatchi Art
curated by Rebecca Wilson:

Featured artist for the launch of the new Waastaa-App:

Featured in the "Inspired by Andy Warhol Collection" of Saatchi Art:

Featured in the "Inspired by Liechtenstein: Pop Art" Collection of Saatchi Art:

Participation at "IBUg 2016"- Urban Art Festival/ Chemnitz,Germany

Participation at "Stencibility-Festival"
Tartu/ Estland

Representation by Artspace Gallery/ New York

Contribution to Artspace-Magazine`s series
"How I made it":


Participation at "Aufwind-Festival" / Vienna, Austria

Participation at "Ibug-Festival" / Chemnitz, Germany

Participation at "Streetgrammart-Festival" / Grammichele, Italy


Mural-project für "Peter-Maffay-Foundation" / Weilheim, Germany

Feature in "THEWHYNOT" German art and lifestyle Magazine


Creative workshop for Google / Munich

Licata Street Art Festival 2019 / Licata, Italy

RoomBoom Festival / Schkeuditz, Germany

Fabulix Filmfestival / Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany


Galerie Haeckel / Landshut (GE)

Österreichischer Stadel / Regensburg (GE)
"Anonyme Zeichner" / Berlin (GE)
V-Gallery/ Basel (CH)

"28. Friedberger Kunstausstellung"/ Friedberg (GE)

Anonyme Zeichner / Berlin (GE)

Anonyme Zeichner / Berlin (GE)

"Revenge of the 5th", Thumbprint Gallery / La Jolla (USA)

"Fresh legs", Gallery Heike Arndt / Berlin (GE)

"Kunsthaus Summerau" / Neukirch (GE)

"Auf dem Holzweg in die Zukunft", Die Färberei / Munich (GE)

"Kaleidoscope", Gallery Heike Arndt / Berlin (GE)

"Opdagelser 2018", Gallery Heike Arndt / Kettinge (DK)

"Transit Berlin", Gallery Heike Arndt, Palæfløjen / Roskilde (DK)

"Frutti Tutti", Farbenladen / Munich (GE)

"Das Gerumpel im Dschungel", Kunstverein GRAZ im Degginger / Regensburg (GE)

"Martin Gerstenberger - Upcycled", Üblacker-Häusl / Munich (GE)