Gerry Gleason

Gerry Gleason

Belfast, United Kingdom

About Gerry Gleason

I was born in Belfast, I have been working as an artist for 41 years and have had numerous one-person shows. I have also been included in many group shows both in Ireland, Europe and America. Articles have been published about my work, most recently the Irish Arts Review (Winter Ed.) My work is concerned with the human condition and I am presently based in Queen Street Studios,Belfast. Influences include Picasso,Matisse and Bacon. My works includes large canvases and mixed media work and Installations. The canvas's tend to be large scale.My aspiration is to reach a wider audience.I have recently set up a solo web site, which takes you on a journey, through a life at,


During the period from 1981-2014 the Artist Gerry Gleason has exhibited in important
Group and Solo Shows in Europe and North America a list of selective venues follows-
N Ireland: Orchard Gallery Derry, Golden Thread Gallery Belfast, RBG Belfast, Ulster Museum Belfast, Wolverhampton Art Gallery ,Cathedral Quarter Festival Belfast and Art in the East Side Belfast.
Republic of Ireland: Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin, Project Arts Centre Dublin, Kilmainham Jail Dublin,
Limerick City Art Gallery, Solstice Art Centre Navan, Crawford Municipal Gallery Cork, Model Arts Centre Sligo.
England: Newlyn Gallery Cornwall, Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool, Middleborough Art Gallery, PM Gallery London, London Art Fair Olympia.
Scotland: Wasps Studio Gallery Edinburgh, Ash Gallery Edinburgh, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Mc Laurin Art Gallery Ayr.
Germany: Galerie +Edition Caoc Berlin, Kassel and Dresden. Schloss Friedenstein Gotha.
Poland: ON Galeria Poznan, QQ Galeria Krakow, Zimny Galeria Krakow.
USA : Moon Gallery Georgia, Irish Arts Centre New York.
The Artist Gerry Gleason’s work has received positive critical reviews in many important articles, catalogues , Radio and TV Interviews over the years and more recently in The Irish Arts Review Editions 2004-2009 including a major interview with the Critic and Playwright Brian McAvera in 2007.
The Artist started painting in 1976 and was one of the founder members of Queen Street Studios in 1984.
NB- Gerry Gleason throughout his career has worked in many disciplines from painting to inatallation.