Heather Bolton

Heather Bolton

Duns, Berwickshire, United Kingdom

About Heather Bolton

Since 2013 my work concentrates on a form of photographic/digital. It stems from exploring Representation in art-forms in the 1990's. I play between photography, abstract, figurative, fine art, painting, pattern and design? At present it only appears if there is a buyer! Ecologically sound and practical. Over the years the number of paintings/drawings has grown. Fine if living in a permanent home. However obliged to move in 2014 I lost the studio I had desired for decades.
My approach is from my Fine Art background. The writing remains separate (published poet and author). My interest in politics I would have liked to have distance from, sadly I feel has not added to the selling of work!
The study in London was not appreciated on returning to my native homeland. After a life on medication I woke up and moved way!
I love the Countryside and the challenge of creating from oddities. I also love the Town. In 1968, 1973, 1976 and 2003 I visited S.E. Asia. Apart from teaching, (last one for Home Language International 2003-2013): I have done every other job imaginable, including being a Borough Councillor. At this late stage in my life I feel at a T- junction. However, I would love to do Digital Commissions, it may be possible to create works from the Clients own images/photos. My work also has the possibility of being bought in multiples for larger spaces,the Designer bringing his own intent, or fixed term Licenses for specific uses- cads/posters?


My study of Fine Art was in London at Hammersmith and the Royal Academy Schools (1963-69) graduating in 1969.
Early painting was influenced by Bryan Ingham and later Gertrude Hermes gave insight into printmaking - concentrating on lino-cutting. At the Royal Academy Schools I studied life-drawing, painting, photography, lithography, etching, lino-cutting and mono- printing.

My Post-graduate teaching course was at Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh 1971-72.


1965 Print chosen for trophy for Hammersmith in National Savings competition. 1989 Grant from Northern Arts for Retrospective-type Exhibition in Whitehaven Museum. 1996 -Video Border Television, interviews by Radio Cumbria, on garden -autobiographical with poems. Numerous articles have appeared in the local press covering exhibitions. Own writing - 1997- Article in Independent Weekend with photographs of my travels S.E. Asia . 2006 Permit to the Punjab- illustrated with photographs was published by Oxford University Press, Pakistan. December 2014 Recent Digital Designs in Progression Cards (International Trade Magazine) featured my work.


London (group)-1965 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; Hammersmith Town Hall; 1968 Post Graduate Exhibition Croydon; 1969 Oxford University Press, Bond St. Office. Cumbria (1976- 2007) Eight one person exhibitions including- Civic Hall Whitehaven; Carnegie Arts Centre, Workington; Rosehill Theatre; Whitehaven Museum; Keswick Museum; Cockermouth Tourist Centre- and more.